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Thailand has become a medical center for much of Asia and westerners travel half-way across the world to receive expert, inexpensive medical care.  Thailand’s medical system is well known for its highly qualified doctors, staff and new medical equipment. The medical internship program in Thailand is available in Chiang Mai and Bangkok.
Medical Interns in this project will be paired with a full-time Thai doctor and work five days a week (Mon – Fri) 8:00am – 4:00pm.  In special cases interns may work on weekends and evenings.  Interns will shadow the Thai doctor in their normal, daily routines and assist with professional responsibilities.  
No more than two interns at any one time will be paired with each full-time doctor.  The amount of “hands on” involvement while interning will depend upon the intern’s experience, education, comfort level, the length of the internship and the consent of both the attending doctor and the hospital administration.  Interns who have completed course study and received their medical degree will be able to execute a more active role during their internships.
All of the doctors participating in the internship program have a strong command of English, having not only studied it throughout their educations, but many also having attended multiple conferences and seminars in English.  Numerous doctors have also had supplemental training within the United States and other western countries.

The hospital has a wide variety of departments and services.  Interns may be able to pick different centers and clinical areas of the hospital to focus their work on or to spend supplemental time in.  
The hospital in Chiang Mai offers the following health care departments and services: 

1. Ophthalmology (must study in this field) 
2. Otolaryngology (must study in this field) 
3. Biochemistry
4. Pharmacology (must study in this field) 
5. Family Medicine
6. Community Medicine
7. Orthopedics
8. Emergency Room
9. Pediatrics (OPD/Ward)
10. Anatomy
11. Nursing (follow the nurses most of the time)
12. Dental
13. Rehabilitation
14. Surgery

**This medical internship is available in Bangkok and Chiang Mai

Thailand Program Booking
Interns need to arrive at their program location on the start dates given below. Participants need to arrive between 8am – 8pm as airport pickup is offered between these times only.
Volunteering Solutions Thailand Reviews
Chiang Mai, Thailand
Coperchini Lise

The highlight of my trip is being with elephants and meeting thai people. I learn a lot about my self and the Thai culture. It's an amazing experience that I really want to do again. I will never forget it. .

Chiang Mai, Thailand
Dora Stepan

I like meeting new people from all around the world and get to know the health system in Thailand. Also the weekend trips were great, I would recommend it to each of my friends..

Chiang Mai, Thailand
Debbie Vasquez
(United States)

I am very grateful that your organization provided a positive opportunity/experience to volunteer abroad. I have wanted to volunteer abroad for a very long time and with this experience I look forward to many more..

Chiang Mai, Thailand
Joseanne Villeneuve

I have found so much happiness in Thailand surrounded by these amazing smiling kids and everyone around. I've learnt a lot about myself, moral values and life and opened my heart like never before. .

Chiang Mai, Thailand
Julia Pehl

I enjoyed working at the children home and definitely loved the kids. In the beginning they were very shy but after a while everyone started opening up to me which was an amazing experience..

Chiang Mai, Thailand
Valerie Sirois

Staff was happy to help with any of my questions. I enjoyed working at my placement very much. There was lots to do and I had a lot of fun. And if I could do it again, I would in a heart beat. .

Chiang Mai, Thailand
Anne Voss

I really enjoyed my time at the hospital placement and I got to meet some good doctors and experience some very interesting things..

Chiang Mai, Thailand
Fiona Ainsworth

Working at the elephant camp was beyond my expectation. From sweeping, to kitchen hand, to teaching the staff. It was always a pleasure to help the hardworking and friendly Thai people..

Chiang Mai, Thailand

I Love Love Love working with the elephants. It is an amazing place and the Jungle is beautiful. The elephants are amazing and Jin the supervisor is best. My highlight from the trip was to meet Thai people..

Chiang Mai, Thailand
Boyi Gu

I loved my program placement and very much satisfied with the program and it meets my requirements. Additionally, Thailand is really very amazing. The children highlights my volunteering experience. What I learned from them is that there is no excuse to be unhappy..

Chiang Mai, Thailand
Jacob Lee
(United States)

I really liked my program placement especially the group of children. Their lives are not so extraordinary still they are always happy and smiling. Since I love kids, I choose volunteering in Thailand..

Chiang Mai, Thailand
Courtney Kobylanski
(United Kingdom)

The program placement was amazing. I would highly recommend it to anyone. The children we worked with were so happy and loving, working with them was a real pleasure. I just wished I could have stayed longer. The volunteers house had every we needed, it was clean and comfortable and had a nice atmo.

Chiang Mai, Thailand
Sophie Ekberg
(United Kingdom)

I very much enjoyed working at my program placement. It was a very enjoyable two weeks. Really enjoyed spending time with the children. Also Chiang Mai is a lovely city to spend time in. Taking the children from the orphanage swimming was definitely a highlight of the trip..

Chiang Mai, Thailand
Lucia Bosch

I enjoyed working at my placement. I learnt a lot from the elephants. I enjoyed living a bit the life of the mahout as we also spent time with their wives and children. Knowing Thai people and their culture is also one of my highlight from the program in Chiang Mai..

Chiang Mai, Thailand
Stephanie Glover
(United Kingdom)

I had the time of my life at my placement. I couldn't have asked for anything better. The highlight of my volunteering trip was seeing the children respond to me and become less shy, me feeling comfortable to stay at the school..

Chiang Mai, Thailand
Jenny Aronson
(United States)

I very much loved my program placement. The highlight was working with the medical students and residents at Maharaj Hospital and seeing diseases that are rare in the USA..

Chiang Mai, Thailand
Anna Platovsky
(United States)

I truly loved my program placement. The highlight of my program placement was getting hands on experience. I loved the accommodation and food provided by Volunteering Solutions..

Chiang Mai, Thailand
Sharon Umayam
(United States)

The program was amazing. The children were happy and take well care of. The staff was helpful and passionate about their work. The highlight of my trip was those amazing children, they helped me to have a greater appreciation for life. I have definitely re-prioritized my life..

Chiang Mai, Thailand
Leah Cadiz
(United States)

I loved the program placement very much. The placement was very organized. We had a program manager who was bilingual and was a former orphan, they used to treat him as elder brother. it was a great placement to get your hands dirty..

Chiang Mai, Thailand
Ruby Holt

The program placement exceeded my expectation in many ways, it was wonderful. So much was gained and will impact me for a long time. All aspects were great, safe, well organized, well looked after. The highlight of my volunteering experience and trip was the real cultural insight into the country a.

Thailand Internship Costs
Volunteering Solutions strives hard to keep costs low and offers one of the most affordable volunteer abroad programs. Compare our prices and services to other organizations and you would be surprised to see the difference. 
2 weeks$995£846$1,393€966
3 weeks$1,300£1,105$1,820€1,261
4 weeks$1,600£1,360$2,240€1,552
5 weeks$1,900£1,615$2,660€1,843
6 weeks$2,150£1,828$3,010€2,086
7 weeks$2,400£2,040$3,360€2,328
8 weeks$2,700£2,295$3,780€2,619
Extra week$325£277$455€316
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