Medical Internship Chiang Mai - Thailand

Trip Highlights

  • Explore the artistic side of Thailand in the largest city in Northern part of the country; Chiang Mai.
  • Enjoy walking around the market places, filled with local artisans and craftsmen and learn about their ancient techniques.
  • Witness some of the best architectural designs during your visits to heritage sites and ancient monuments.
  • Acquire immense international work exposure to expedite your future growth. 
  • Take weekend trips to some stellar locations around the main Chiang Mai city.
  • Experience the tranquility and pious ambience on your visit to any of the hundreds of ancient temples built in the city.


Travel overseas for an internship is the best way to learn and grow, and Volunteering Solutions will ensure that each of you gets

to experience something incredible. Medical Interns in this project will be paired with a full-time Thai doctor and work five days a week (Mon – Fri) usually from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm.  In special cases, interns may work on weekends and evenings. Please note that the daily working hours can vary depending on the workload and hospital schedule. Interns will shadow the Thai doctor in their normal, daily routines and assist with professional responsibilities.

Thailand has become a medical center for much of Asia and westerners travel half-way across the world to receive expert, inexpensive medical care. Thailand’s medical system is well known for its highly qualified doctors, staff and new medical equipment. The medical internship program in Thailand is available in Chiang Mai and Bangkok. 
No more than two interns at any one time will be paired with each full-time doctor.  The amount of “hands-on” involvement while interning will depend upon the intern’s experience, education, comfort level, the length of the internship and the consent of both the attending doctor and the hospital administration.  Interns who have completed course study and received their medical degree will be able to execute a more active role during their internships.

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