Dental Elective Internship Peru

Trip Highlights

  • Enjoy your adventure trip all the way to the famous Machu Picchu.
  • Immerse yourself in the local Peruvian culture and interact with the locals to learn about their rich traditions. 
  • Explore the entire Inca trail throughout your journey to the ancient ruin site.
  • Intern with the team of professional dentists local medical hospitals.
  • Volunteer at medical camps and conduct awareness drive on oral hygiene.
  • Visit the weekend markets in and around the city of Cusco and buy yourself some memorable souvenirs. 
  • Gorge on some lip smacking Peruvian cuisine. 


If you are looking for a Dental Elective Internship, then this program in Peru would be the perfect one for you. It is designed for dentistry students who wish to gain valuable knowledge and skills by working along with professional dentists. Internship work includes assisting the dentists in their tasks and helping in sterilization of supplies as well as doing hands on tasks depending their medical and experience background.

On a daily basis, the routine varies but interns usually work for 4-5 hrs in a day with evenings and weekends free to travel and explore.

Note: The program is suitable only for dental students who want to gain hands on experience and skills before starting professional work.

What to bring for your Dental Elective Program?

Each volunteer must bring the following list.

  1. Periodontology kits (x2)
  2. Conservation kits (x2)
  3. 50 dental needle (different sizes)
  4. 01 white medical jacket and Scrubs (to wear daily)
  5. Box of surgical gloves (x2)
  6. Alcohol wipes (x2)
  7. Gauze (x50)
  8. Medical cotton (x4)
  9. Dental composite resins (white filling)

Internss participating in this project need to bring their own materials to develop dental cures and prophylaxis (it is mandatory).

Volunteer Roles & Responsibilities

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