Most Recommended Summer Volunteering Abroad Destinations For 2023 -2024


The concept of ‘voluntourism’ is gaining a lot of importance nowadays as more and more millennials are setting out for distant lands to explore and make a meaningful contribution to society. If you’ve been planning a volunteering trip for summer 2023 -2023, then now is the perfect time to decide where you want to go and book your project.

Rather than just chilling and lazing around, it’ll be more worthy to travel for a cause and make a difference in the lives of the underprivileged people living in countries like India, Tanzania, or Ghana.

As we always say, it’s better to make travel plans beforehand! This would not only help you to make more sorted decisions but will also help you in saving a lot of money. Here are the amazing summer programs in 6 different countries in the world – and you can choose the one that suits you the best.

1. Summer Volunteering in India

The India Summer Volunteer Program is for all those crazy souls who wish to sweat it out and jump into the joyride for exploring the colors and diversity of India while contributing meaningfully to the developing society. India is known to be a culturally rich country with an incredible past, gorgeous Mughal and Rajput architecture, flavorful cuisine, and much more. And not to forget, buy a bagful of souvenirs for your friends and family at the best rates by using your bargaining skills!

During your Summer Break 2023, come and spend some time with the underprivileged kids at a slum school in New Delhi, the capital city of India. Teach, play, and share some lovely moments with these little ones, who’ll touch your life in the most beautiful manner.

Travel to the Himalayan town of Palampur on the lap of the snow-capped mountains and be a part of the childcare project there. Add some happiness to the lives of those children and make memories that would last for a lifetime. You’ll also get to travel to the Tibetan town of Mcleodganj and go for a trek to Triund. (That’s surely going to be a tick on your checklist – a trek in the Himalayas!)

Visit the Holy City of Amritsar and get blessed at the Golden Temple. Later, head towards Wagah, which is the India Pakistan Border. And then, visit the Taj Mahal, without which your trip to India would remain incomplete! You’ll also get to visit Jaipur and take a tour of the medieval Rajput forts that still stand strong.

There’s an optional beach week at Goa – also known as the Hippie Paradise of India. You can soak in the sun, grab some chilled beer and binge on delicious seafood, visit some of the Portuguese churches, and dance to the beats of Goanese songs, before heading back to your homeland.

Anne Chisholm-jones (United Kingdom)

“I have recently returned from India where myself and a group of 7 other ladies (mainly over 50) took part in the Summer Volunteering Program. We generally all knew each other beforehand, having volunteered together the previous year. We had an amazing time in India and the ground staff at VolSol were excellent. They made us feel very welcome and safe the whole time, providing just the right mix of independence and security. The transport between locations was perfectly organized.

The accommodation in Delhi was in a very safe, respectable area with a Market (shopping area) nearby with a few bars cafes including Starbucks) and some useful shops. Rooms were laid out with bunk beds and there were fans and air con, in a 3 bedroom apartment with 3 ensuite bathrooms. In Palampur, the accommodation was in a stunning location with views of the snow-capped Himalayas and fields of golden wheat all around.

The volunteering work in both locations was well organized and a wonderful experience. I was based at the Balasarthy center of education for street and slum children and loved it. The children were very bright and resourceful. They were keen to learn and were no fools! The older boys, in particular, needed much more than play – they were keen for a challenge and enjoyed competitive tasks. The second week in Palampur was taken up refurbishing 2 classrooms in a government school. The children and teachers were delightful and so appreciative of the work we did.

The final week was our holiday – busy with lots of traveling but wonderful sights and shopping and the chance to go paragliding! This was a truly amazing trip! Do it if you can, but go with an open mind and a generous heart.”


2. Summer Volunteering in Nepal

A little Himalayan country tucked in between India and China, Nepal has been marked as ‘The Most Budget-friendly Destinations’ by the Lonely Planet. While one needs no particular reason to travel to a pristinely beautiful country, but in case you still need some – we can give you many!

Spending your Summer Break in Nepal will not give you an opportunity to explore the country and make some meaningful contribution towards the developing society, but it’ll also teach you some valuable lessons of life. You’ll know how to be happy with little things and be more grateful for whatever you have.

Your journey will start from Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, where you’ll be volunteering with children. You might be allocated in any of the projects, ranging from Orphanage Project, Teaching Project, or Disabled Care Program. No matter which program you join, your experience would be extremely valuable & you’ll get to contribute effectively towards sustainable development.

Take a tour of Kathmandu and visit Durbar Square, Temple of Kumari (Living Goddess), and Pashupatinath Temple. Nepal has some ancient Hindu and Buddhist temples, where you can never fail to gather blessings!

Head towards Bhaktapur and Nagarkot, to witness the gorgeous sunsets behind the mighty Himalayas. You’ll get to travel to Chitwan National Park, Pokhara, Patan, and Swayambhunath Temple. Nepal is the hub for adventure sports – you must awaken the adventure junkie in you and go for a weekend trek, experience bungee jumping, river rafting, and more.

And when you can do so much in one trip, why waste your summer holidays?

Patricia Lopez (Spain)
“Last summer, I went to Katmandú-Nepal and it is without a doubt the best experience I’ve ever had. You have the chance to meet the small kids, the teachers, your coordinators and learn a lot from the stories told by the taxi drivers. I have made friends from all over the world and I have traveled through the imagination of some children who, even without speaking the same language, have transmitted to me the most beautiful feelings ever existed.”


3. Summer Volunteering in Thailand

If you have always wished to take a trip to Thailand, but couldn’t convince your parents for it – then now is the time! Just tell them that you are planning to go for volunteering, and set out on your best vacation ever!

The Thailand Summer Volunteer Program is meant for all those crazy souls who wish to live life to the fullest, explore the bustling streets of Bangkok, live with the elephants in a village, teach cute little Thai kids, and get tanned while lazying at the exotic beaches!

Your trip will begin from Bangkok – one of the most enchanting cities in the world! Here, you’ll get to explore the city and also be a part of a recreation activity at Wat Pho School. Your next stop would be Surin, where you will volunteer at the local Childcare Center and have an amazing time with them. After that, you’ll travel to the elephant village in Surin, and stay with the mahout community folks, who take care of those gentle giants, on a day-to-day basis.

Experience the thrill of jungle trekking at Khao Yai National Park, considered to be Thailand’s most beautiful national park and bathe under the waterfalls!

And last but not the least – your last days in Thailand will be at Koh Phangan – the land of full moon parties! Popular as the destination where the party scenes never seem to end, Koh Phangan is a paradise for beach lovers and party-freaks! Swim in the turquoise water, go for scuba diving or snorkeling, ride on Thai boats – and enjoy as much as you can, till your summer break gets over!

Megan Aarsvold (United States)
“This trip had everything I could’ve wanted to experience in Thailand & more. We were able to see the beaches, the city, the jungle & the villages. We got to interact with people around the world, elephants, people from Thailand & experience the food, culture, landscapes, and modes of transportation.

My highlight from the trip was to be able to really connect with people from Thailand and we were able to do just that through our volunteer work at the temples, school, daycare center & elephant village. Not to mention our tour guide was PHENOMENAL and so knowledgeable with the history of the places we went & the temples we saw.”


4. Summer Volunteering in Tanzania

How about going on a wildlife safari in Serengeti during the next summer holidays? Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? And the whole Summer Volunteering Trip to Tanzania would turn into a more meaningful experience if you volunteer for the underprivileged kids of the country and add some happiness to their lives.

You’ll have to fly down to Kilimanjaro International Airport, and head towards the accommodation in Arusha. Your volunteering project will also be in the same city, where you’ll be spending a week with the local kids, teaching, and playing with them.

Later, you’ll head towards Engikaret Village, for an up-close and personal interaction with the Maasai tribal folks. This will surely be an experience of a lifetime! Volunteers will also be taken to meet the HIV/AIDS victims in Outreach Medical Program.

And then, your adventurous safaris will begin – You’ll get to visit the Lake Manyara National Park and spend that night at Jambo Campsite, near the park. On the next day, head towards Serengeti via Ngorongoro Conservation Area and spot the lions and zebras and leopards as well as elephants. No other place on Earth can offer you with such beautiful landscapes as views as of this place!

Your journey will end at Arusha, by bidding goodbye to the kids at the orphanage, who’ll surely leave a mark on your memories.

Michelle De Belser (Belgium)
“Traveling with Volunteering Solutions was the best decision I could have made. I went to Arusha, Tanzania, and had the best time of my life. VolSol offers you the chance to do something great (volunteering) and at the same time gives you the opportunity to explore the country and see the most beautiful places.

During the week I worked in an orphanage, the love that you get from these kids is greater than anything I’ve ever experienced. There are plenty of things to do there in the evening such as movie-nights, sitting around the campfire, occasional parties, just hanging out with the other volunteers…

At the weekends there are so many things to do: safari, visiting a traditional Masai village, going to the waterfalls, hot springs. You’ll never get bored! Everything was very well organized and everyone was always right there when I needed something. The communication went very smoothly, the food was delicious and the accommodation was even better as I expected!”


5. Summer Volunteering in Ghana

You must not have thought of this – but traveling to Ghana during your Summer Break 2023 will not be a bad option either! Summer Volunteer Program in Ghana has been designed in such a manner that the participants get to experience the best of what the country has to offer while working for societal development.

You’ll get a chance to work with the local Ghanaians on the outskirts of Tamale, for the Community Development Project. There will also be optional assignments of volunteering at the Child Care Project or Orphanage Project, where all you’ll have to do is shower the kids with immense love and care.

This trip would be nothing less than a learning journey, as you’ll get to spend adequate time in traditional villages and meet people, know about their culture, heritage, and lifestyle. You’ll also get to explore the Mole National Park, which is considered to be one of the most important national parks in Africa. Take a tour of Boabeng Fiema Monkey Sanctuary and Kintampo Waterfalls with your fellow travel mates!

Rest assured, this trip to Ghana will surely make you wait for another volunteering trip!

Emma Kenrick (Ireland)
“It was amazing to explore and volunteer in Ghana! On this volunteering trip, I enjoyed meeting the other volunteers in the house and making friends with the locals, experiencing the local way of living, and our weekend trip to Mole National Park. Also, the ‘Thank You Concert’ put up by the village school children on our last day and giving the toys that we bought for the children in the orphanage are a few of those special moments that we cherished during our stay. The overall living experience was excellent. It was very comfortable and homely stay with all the facilities I could have asked for. The in-country staff was very friendly and supportive. They made the program easier and smooth. The service staff was outstanding. I would recommend VolSol to anyone I know is willing to volunteer abroad; mostly because of the variety of programs.”


If you are still confused and don’t know where to go, then take this Quiz – it might offer you the help that you require!

volunteering with children in tanzania

Know The Benefits Of Joining The Summer Volunteering Program With Volunteering Solutions

1. Specially Designed Projects For High School/ College Students

VolSol offers the most professional and meaningful volunteering projects abroad for students who are keen on learning something worthy through experiences. We make sure that you get a project suited to your interests and skills. Be it volunteering in an orphanage or a women empowerment project – we make sure that the work done by our volunteers is taken into account and makes a substantial difference in the lives of the recipients residing in the host country. The Summer Projects are thus designed to maximize the output and based on the principle of “Give the Most and Get the Most”.

2. Add-On Tours and Cultural Immersion Sessions

We know that you have chosen the Summer Volunteer Project to club volunteering & traveling, and that’s why we have special add-on tours during weekends to give you a glimpse of the destination that you are visiting. The Orientation Sessions gives you a sneak peek into the local culture and helps in reducing the culture shock. These sessions are a fun way to learn something about the destination where you’re volunteering and understand the local culture. You can also plan to stay for a week or longer, after the program ends, and explore the country to tick off certain things from your travel bucket list.

3. Great Opportunity to Meet New People from Different Parts of The World

The best part of Summer Volunteer Project is that it gives you an opportunity to meet new and like-minded people. Volunteers from countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Spain, Germany and many others apply for these programs during their summer break and it becomes a great way to volunteer in a group, make new friends and create memories that would surely last for a lifetime. The same starting dates make sure there are other volunteers as well, and a big group gets to work & travel together. The Thailand Summer Special Program, for instance, is a very popular VolSol project and people have already started booking their spots for the coming year.

4. Safe and Affordable Programs

The projects are extremely affordable, considering the fact that they include your Airport pickup, orientation, project placement, accommodation, meals and traveling! What more can you ask for? The projects that you work in are also safe and secure. Traveling to a new, unfamiliar destination comes with its fair share of challenges and the Volunteering Solutions Team makes sure that your journey is safe and you get the best out of your volunteering stint.

5. Opportunity to Contribute Towards A Good Cause

Volunteering also opens the doors to contribute to a good cause. Countries like India, Tanzania, Nepal, Thailand, and Ghana have plenty of destitute children, women and other underprivileged lots who need empowerment and attention. The VolSol projects let the volunteers keep their best foot forward and make a sizeable contribution through their efforts.

6. A Quick and Easy Way To Gain First-Hand International Working Experience

The summer volunteer project is a great way to gain international work experience. Working at orphanages, women empowerment projects, childcare centers and even wildlife conservation projects will polish your skills like attaining responsibility, patience, and sensitivity that would eventually take you a long way in your professional and personal lives. It’ll boost your Resume and help you score a better job in the future.

In case you need any more information regarding the destinations or the projects, kindly drop us a mail at [email protected] and our Program Advisors will be happy to get back to you.

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