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Buying a new iPhone or booking a room in a hotel, today every purchase of a product or a service is supported heavily through online reviews by people who have used or experienced those products or services. Volunteering Solutions understands the importance and need of reviews which can come really handy for gap year travelers looking to volunteer abroad but are not sure where to go, which program to attend, and for how long will they have to volunteer. The same is expected when interested candidates look for Volunteering Solutions reviews during their google search. 

And the queries just don’t stop here. Volunteers need to understand the safety, basic routine work, places to visit, markets to shop, and lots more. But, what tops them all is the concern about whether the organization they are choosing to volunteer through is worth spending their time and money.

Is Volunteering Solutions a legitimate organization? and for many such questions, Volunteering Solutions has compiled an entire list of third-party, independent websites where volunteers can read about the experiences of past volunteers who have volunteered with Volunteering Solutions.

These are open source, third-party websites, which have straightforward and authentic reviews from past volunteers. Whilst, any other volunteer match agency would avoid sharing third-party platforms as they may contain unfavorable reviews, Volunteering Solutions believes in clarity and authenticity and wants it, future volunteers, to know the real reviews about Volunteering Solutions.

To have a better understanding of the services and experience provided by Volunteering Solutions for over 9 years of operations, below is the list of review sites;

Find all the reviews about Volunteering Solutions and its services


Volunteering Solutions Reviews On Gooverseas
Volunteering Solutions Reviews On Go overseas



Volunteering Solutions Reviews on Goabroad
Volunteering Solutions Reviews on Go abroad



Volunteering Solutions Reviews on Volunteer Forever
Volunteering Solutions Reviews on Volunteer Forever


At the end of it all, you can anytime visit our website https://www.volunteeringsolutions.com/ and read all the reviews from our past volunteers. Interested candidates can also visit the Volunteering Solutions YouTube channel to not just read but watch our volunteers’ reviews and them sharing their experiences of volunteering with Volunteering Solutions.
We hope this information will be helpful for you to decide your itinerary. We are looking forward to hearing from you at [email protected].

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