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Healthcare & Medical Volunteering Abroad Programs

Volunteering Solutions provides a great learning opportunity for pre-med and medical students as well as for health care professionals to travel abroad and intern under an international set up. The medical volunteering programs are designed in a manner that they provide a useful hands on experience in the field of medicine while introducing the participants to the healthcare system in developing countries. 

The Medical and healthcare volunteering placements are offered in Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Tanzania, South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Peru and Costa Rica. Most of these countries are developing their medical infrastructure and there’s an inadequacy in the ratio of doctors and patients. Thus, involvement of volunteers  is much appreciated in all these countries. 

Volunteers get to work in rural and suburban areas, at different kind of medical setups varying from local clinics to city hospitals and health care camps, depending on the country they choose. Participants joining these programs usually work under the supervision of professional doctors, nurses as well as support staff and assist them in the treatment of patients. Mostly, 3rd and final year students and practitioners are endowed with handling the patients while others shadow the doctors in the process of treatment and gain knowledge.

The medical volunteer abroad opportunities are available throughout the year in the aforementioned countries, with flexible start dates and durations. Volunteers can choose to dedicate a minimum of 1 Week to a maximum of 6 months, as per convenience. 

Students can make the most of their spring/ summer breaks and travel abroad to join the projects and contribute towards the well-being of the unprivileged people in countries where they need help.

All interested candidates are required to provide a copy of their certifications and proof of their educational (medical) qualifications. 

Those who are interested in Medical, Health Care and pre med volunteering abroad can check the listed programs below.
“I did enjoy working at my project and I am glad that I was able to switch hospital to a closer one and one that better fit my interests. I would have enjoyed it more if the work been more hands-on than observational. The accommodation was comfortable and good location even given that it was out of the city center. Food was good and plenty for all volunteers.

The highlight of volunteering trip was the interaction with the hospital staff and seeing a wide range of cases and how different the hospitals are here.”  Brittany Foley (United States) Kathmandu, Nepal
Medical Volunteering Volunteer Abroad Project
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