Best Volunteer Abroad Programs For College Students in 2024 – 2025

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If you’re a college student seeking an ‘Alternative Break’ program or taking a gap year to ponder your next steps in life, consider venturing into volunteering abroad.

Rest assured, you’re not alone in this endeavor. Numerous students worldwide are embracing the altruistic journey of traveling overseas to engage in meaningful philanthropic projects.

Volunteering Solutions (VolSol) offers a diverse range of affordable and unique volunteer projects abroad specifically designed for college students. These programs are crafted to provide participants with the opportunity to travel, explore, and volunteer, ensuring an experience of a lifetime. With over a decade of successful volunteer placements, Vol Sol collaborates with trusted partner organizations in all locations, ensuring that every volunteer’s contribution is valued.

As a college student, you’ll have various options to choose from. The key is to select a program that aligns with your needs, allowing you to contribute effectively while gaining valuable life experiences.

Here are the best volunteering programs for college students and we are super excited to have you with us on these meaningful projects in various parts of the world:


Short-Term Volunteer Programs

volunteering in Ghana

The Short-Term Volunteer Programs are ideal for individuals seeking alternative spring break or summer break experiences but have just about 2 weeks in hand. Crafted specifically for college students with limited time but a strong desire to travel and volunteer abroad, these programs have been curated by the VolSol Team to offer a fulfilling learning journey. Situated in incredible locations, these projects are not only affordable but also aim to accommodate a comprehensive range of activities, ensuring a great travel and volunteer experience for all participants.


Summer Impact Programs 2024

Volunteer in Europe

If you think you can stretch your vacation a little more, then go for the Summer Impact Programs 2024, that are specially curated for a wholesome summer break experience.

These tailor-made programs are designed in such a manner that volunteers get to explore the destination, live like the locals, indulge in some adventure sports, go for treks, learn a new language, and most importantly, make a difference to the host community by volunteering. Students who are looking for programs to volunteer with children can opt for the Nepal Summer Impact Program. Similarly, those interested in volunteering with elephants can head towards Thailand.

Child Care and Street Children Volunteering Projects

childcare volunteering in Nepal

Who doesn’t adore children? However, it’s essential to acknowledge that not every child is fortunate enough to have a family or a home, and some lack even the necessities. VolSol has embraced the cause of providing a better life for these underprivileged kids, showering them with the love they rightfully deserve. College students eager to volunteer with children can opt for these projects, where they’ll be placed at orphanage centers, daycare facilities, and centers for street children, based on their preferences.

The primary objective of these projects is to offer ample love, care, and warmth to children residing in these centers. Volunteers will also engage in teaching activities, with a focus on hands-on, activity-based learning. In certain project locations, volunteers may also be involved in painting and decorating the centers to add vibrancy to the environment. These projects pose unique challenges, requiring creative thinking to keep the children happy and engaged. That’s precisely why they are a perfect fit for young college students seeking a challenging volunteer program abroad.


Volunteer Teaching Programs Abroad

volunteer teaching in Tanzania

Want to be a teacher/ professor? This would be a perfect start for your career then.

Illiteracy is a major problem in most of the developing countries, even in this 21st Century, and we must take up the cause and educate children who are the future.

Volunteers taking part in the Teaching Programs abroad will be placed in local and government schools in rural areas near their chosen location, where there is a scarcity of quality faculty. Volunteers will also get a chance to share their experiences with the kids, information about their country’s culture and traditions, and make the children aware of several social norms to generate a basic civic sense.  

Volunteers can get involved in basic administrative work on the school premises, improve the teaching schedule, and focus more on activity-based learning so that the children enjoy the entire process. Assisting the in-house faculty during lectures or taking an entire class individually – all depends upon how comfortable a volunteer is. There’s a wide range of available programs – ranging from teaching computer skills to teaching English and Maths, and also teaching the little monks!


Wildlife Conservation Projects

turtle conservation in sri lanka

Love spending time with animals? Make the most of your college break by volunteering with animals.

Vol Sol has amazing wildlife conservation projects in exotic locations, meant for college students who are looking forward to spending quality time with animals. The Wildlife Projects are designed in a way that they are meant for the preservation of animals and the entire biodiversity.

Volunteers will get an opportunity to be a part of the team of activists working to make the environment better and cleaner for these animals, as well as protect them from any external threat. There are programs located in animal rescue centers, elephant villages and camps, marine camps, and more.

Women Empowerment Projects

women empowerment in Morocco Volunteer abroad programs For College Students

In many developing countries, women are still struggling to find their place in society. They often aren’t educated and lack the skills to earn a livelihood.

Volunteers joining these projects will be working for the enhancement and betterment of underprivileged women from poor families and those who have been victims of social crimes. The average age of women under these programs is 18 years, which reflects the sensitivity and seriousness of the project. Volunteers can also take classes where they can teach them computer skills, English communication, or any other vocational skill such as knitting, sewing, painting, etc., to make them independent.

Community Development Projects

community development in uganda

There are several communities in the world where people don’t even have the necessities of life. A global survey report by the UN estimated the total population of homeless people in the world to be around 100 million, and it just doesn’t end there!

There is an estimated count of close to 1 billion people who lack adequate housing facilities. Such facts and figures push forward the need for immense community development efforts. It is for this that Community Development Programs hold strong importance in our society, and volunteers are needed to make some real change.

Volunteers who are looking for some constructive work can join these projects. Participants will be working to build and/or repair houses, school premises, and shelter homes. Volunteers will work with the local NGOs who run the projects and community-building activities and help them achieve the targets of making society better.


Medical and Healthcare Internship Projects

medical internship peru Volunteer abroad programs For College Students

For all pre-med, medical, nursing, and dental students, these internship programs would be a great learning opportunity to travel abroad and work in an international healthcare setup.

The medical and healthcare internship projects are located in developing nations, where the maximum population resides in the rural areas of the country. While the medical facilities in such areas are limited, there is a lack of awareness regarding personal hygiene and precautionary steps against diseases.

Interns will get the opportunity to work with experienced doctors, assist and shadow them, and occasionally they might even get the task of organizing health care camps.

Vol Sol has several medical internship options available for students as well as practitioners, in different parts of the world. These programs are available throughout the year.

Maximize your college days by combining learning with volunteering. Your efforts have the potential to inspire others to embrace a cause and create positive change in society. VolSol has welcomed numerous college and university students in the past, all of whom have had exceptional experiences during their volunteer vacations.

For additional details about our projects, reach out to us at [email protected], and our Program Advisors will promptly respond to your inquiries 🙂

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