10Jan 2019

Quiz: Where Should You Volunteer in Asia in 2019?

Enough of scratching your head! It’s time to take the quiz and make decision making simpler. If you’ve been wondering where to go to volunteer in Asia, we are here to help you out. Just play this quiz and answer according to your preferences – we shall tell you where to travel next! Doesn’t matter […]

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8Jan 2019

Most Recommended Volunteering Abroad Programs 2019

Every year, a number of high school pass outs and college students travel abroad to volunteer under a program. This is done as a regular activity by several gappers to enhance their interpersonal skills and gain international exposure. It is also noted that several universities and corporates consider volunteering abroad during gap year traveling as […]

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6Jan 2019

10 Best Medical Volunteering Opportunities Abroad For 2019

Are you a medical student or a professional, looking forward to volunteer at a healthcare center in a faraway land and make a difference by treating people? There are several countries around the world where the medical facilities aren’t well developed and people living in the rural areas often suffer from inadequate treatment. Serving as […]

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2Jan 2019

Volunteering Destinations In South East Asia 2019

South East Asia is the over-arching name given to several countries in the South Eastern part of Asia which are although related but also are culturally distinctive. These countries are Brunei, Cambodia, East Timor, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. Also, one of the most popular tourist destinations owing to its tropical […]

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1Jan 2019

Voluntourism Will Continue To Be A Top Travel Trend In 2019

Volunteer travel, volunteer tourism, voluntourism – no matter by what name you call it, undeniably, this is the travel trend that’s gonna rule in the year ahead. According to a 2015 survey by Marriott Rewards Credit Card from Chase, 84% of millennials said that they would travel abroad to participate in volunteer activities. And it […]

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31Dec 2018

Top 7 Countries For Short Term Volunteering Abroad in 2019

One would surely counter the idea of learning about a country in a fortnight, and rightly so. After all, it is just not possible to understand a nation, which has been established and been growing for centuries, in just a couple of weeks. But who said you cannot brush through its history, have a quick […]

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26Dec 2018

Volunteer Abroad As A Couple in 2019 : Everything You Need To Know

Volunteering can be either a conscious act or an unconscious one. A large number of human beings unconsciously volunteer in some way or the other almost every day. Such unconscious acts of volunteering play an important foundation in the formation and survival of human bonds and existence of society on mutual care and shared values […]

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