The Most Instagrammable Volunteering Destinations Across The World


It is said that the real beauty of a place lies in the eyes of the visitor; or may be I just came up with it. Nonetheless, clicking pictures and storing images from a travel expedition is one of the commonest activities for a backpacker. Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger simply took this activity to a different level with the introduction of Instagram. It is not uncommon anymore for someone to click a picture from their travels and share it with their friends and peers on Instagram. You do it too, don’t you?

Surprisingly, there is a belief that when it comes to a volunteer destination, there may not be much spots to grab that image which is worthy of their Instagram page. Well, it’s time for you to think again!

At Volunteering Solutions, we have placed close to 10,000 overseas volunteers so far who have traveled to several different countries to volunteer work under a program, and their Instagram pages are full of stellar memories.

So, all you Instagrammers out there, we give you 6 different volunteering destinations which your Instagram page would call out loud to visit. Cameras ready!? Take a snap;

1. India


2. Thailand




3. South Africa



4. Peru


5. Nepal



6. Tanzania




These were just 6 of all 21 different destinations where VolSol provides placements to gap year students and backpackers. Choose your volunteer destination and book your spot TODAY. Get in touch at [email protected]. I sense change of perceptions!

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