Most Instagrammable Volunteering Destinations Across The World


It is said that the real beauty of a place lies in the eyes of the visitor! In this 21st Century, when Insta-Tourism is gaining major popularity, especially among the millennials, clicking pictures and storing images from a travel expedition is one of the most common things that we do. While there are pros and cons of sharing our travel stories on social media, we can’t deny the fact that social media is influencing our holiday plans to a great extent.

During my volunteering trip to Kenya, I met this 18-year-old girl from Columbia, who told me that she was following the Instagram Account of Volunteering Solutions and highly intrigued by the noble deeds of Alejandro, another 17-year-old guy from Argentina who volunteered with us in Tanzania. So the fact is, whether it’s about exploring a new destination, soaking in the beauty and being a part of its culture, or working for the betterment of the people in the host country – anything & everything that goes up on Instagram leaves some impact on those who scroll up and down this photo-sharing app!

At Volunteering Solutions, we have placed close to 16,000 volunteers over the last 12 years, who have traveled to several different countries to work under various programs and their Instagram pages are full of stellar memories that would never fail to make the views fall in love!

So, all you Instagrammers out there, here are 10 best & most Instagrammable volunteering destinations that your Insta-Feed would call out loud to visit. Just in case you’re a social butterfly (or not!) – you can’t really miss out on adding these wonderful pictures to your feed!

1. Thailand

With vast stretches of pristine beaches and numerous gorgeous temples across this Southeast Asian Nation, Thailand has always been a hub for backpackers and gap year travelers! No matter whether you’re looking forward to teaching Monks or all set to volunteer with the adorable eles, your Instagram would surely have the more funfilled photographs from Thailand. Time and again, our volunteers have loved Thailand and there’s absolutely no doubt why this is the most popular volunteering destination!

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"It was an amazing and unique experience, Thai food is delicious (be careful is too spicy), the temples are wonderful, and you will find smiles and amiability in Thai people. About the elephant village is a nice and a little hard experience, but really worth it! Elephants are very cute and you would feel their love at first sight. You will learn about Thai culture, cuisine, traditions and maybe some few words (it’s a very hard language ). The school renovation project was great, we learned how to construct a wall, and cement an all that stuff. I won’t say it was easy but in the end, you are doing this for others and for children, in order to have a better and comfortable place to study an play. I would have liked to spend more time teaching English to the kids, they were really cute! This experience was wonderful and you meet great people." – Sofia Arango volunteered with #volSol in Thailand Summer Program for 3 weeks . . #IAmVolSoler #volunteer #volunteeringsolutions #volsolthailand #thailand #travelforgood #volunteerdiaries #volunteering #photooftheday #pictureoftheday #animalsofinstagram #animals #forest #nature #animal #wildlifephotography #elelphantsphotography #beautifulelephants #stoptheivorytrade #elephantrescue #savetheelephants #elephantlove #babyelephants #elephantsofinstagram #animallovers

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2. Cambodia

With the gorgeous temples & ruins of Angkor, on one hand, and the breathtaking beaches of Sihanoukville on the other – Cambodia can be truly termed as one of the most Instagrammable destinations in the world. No matter whether you’re a history buff or not, but the ancient art and architecture that prevails in this country will definitely spark an interest in you, longing to know more. And what can be better if you can engage yourself in some sort of meaningful volunteer work?

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Cambodia is visited by thousands every year, who travel to witness the ruins of Angkor. Explore the beauty of the country, and know more about the lifestyle and culture of the locals. The country has been through turmoil​ and war in the past, however, the 21st Century has brought the dawn of development in the country. Volunteering in a developing country like Cambodia would be challenging as well as satisfactory. #volsolcambodia #iamvolsoler #cambodia #angkor #unescoworldheritage #life #happiness #simple #cambodiatravel #asiatravels #travel #letsgoeverywhere #wonderfulworld #adventureseeker #tourismcambodia #travelingtheworld #cambodiatrip #visitcambodia #igphotos #cambodia #cambodge #igphoto #globetrotter #seasia #asiaadventure #exploreasia #amazingplaces

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3. India

India is not just the melting pot of cultures and the exotic paradise that you have come to know it as, but much more than that! From the great Himalayan ranges to the regal Bengal Tiger Reserves, from the majestic traces of Royalty in Rajasthan to the magnificent islands of Andaman and Nicobar, India will never cease to surprise the traveler in you. India, definitely, is a country that’s there on every traveler’s bucket list. No matter whether you’re a recent graduate setting out for your first solo trip abroad, or something seeking a break from the regular work-life and thinking of taking a gap year – India surely will be the best retreat for you, as well as a learning journey!

4. Kenya

Arguably one of the best places for a wildlife safari, Kenya is a paradise for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. And it just doesn’t end there – you can also visit the Great Rift Valley or the Lake Turkana where early humans first evolved, the deserted flatlands and the snowcapped Mt. Kenya, the equatorial rainforest regions and the vast stretches of golden beaches bordering the Indian Ocean on the East. And if you ask me, a volunteer trip to Kenya will introduce you to some amazing people, feel their warmth and touch some lives in the most incredible manner! You’ll surely return back home with memories that would last for a lifetime and photographs that would help you to inspire others.

5. Tanzania

This country is home to some of Africa’s most popular national parks, the gorgeous Lake Victoria, as well as the majestic Mt. Kilimanjaro rising above the Serengeti. A thrilling and adventurous hub for backpackers & gap year travelers apart from wildlife enthusiasts and photographers, Tanzania turns out to be a popular destination offering numerous scopes for community service and volunteering opportunities to those who are keen to make a difference. And to add more to this, there lies the pristine island of Zanzibar beyond the Tanzanian mainland, which can never fail to offer a unique experience to all its visitors.

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While volunteering in a childcare in Tanzania: My place, where I left my heart and soul to find the most true and beautiful smiles I’ve ever seen in my life. Smiles of children who have nothing except love and happiness: exactly what we really miss in our lives. ❤️🌍 ~ . . . . . #IAmVolSoler #volunteeringsolutions #volsoltanzania #volsol #volunteer #volunteering #spreadsmile #bringthechange #makeadifference #photooftheday #volunteerdiaries #makeachange #volunteerabroad #workforchildren #play #kids #children #volunteerforacause #bethechange #beavolunteer #childrenof_instagram #learnsomethingnew #teachchildren #cutekids #childrenofinstagram #playwithkids #happythem #tanzania

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6. South Africa

Known as the ‘Rainbow Nations’, South Africa indeed is a land of diversities! A nation with 11 official languages, incredible topography from mountains to beaches & jungles, varied flora & fauna, and having 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, South Africa surely is a place worth visiting, at least for once in a lifetime. The warmth of the local people will melt your heart and since everyone can speak English (more or less!), there won’t be any sort of language barrier for those who wish to spend some more time in the country, volunteering for a social cause.

7. Spain

Tap your feet with the flamenco dancers, join the carnivals, set out for a road trip or indulge in some adventure activities like skydiving or scuba – well, Spain has options for everything that’s there in your wishlist! One of the most popular destinations in Europe that keeps attracting travelers throughout the year, Spain has also gained popularity as a volunteering hub for those who are interested in conservation programs. Get engaged as a volunteer and make a long-lasting impact. You’ll get to learn the Spanish language which will immensely benefit your career ahead and you can also widen your social network during this period. Rest assured, your journey in Spain will add a beautiful chapter to your life that you’ll cherish forever.

8. Peru

The lost city of Machu Picchu, the mysterious Nazca Lines, the colors of Rainbow Mountains, the dense Amazon forests and the floating islands of Lake Titicaca – Peru undoubtedly is one of the greatest adventure travel destinations of the world, welcoming people from all across the world. Travel to this South American country with the aim of giving something back to society, apart from just exploring the lanes of history and click some marvelous photographs to add that extra zing to your Insta-feed!

9. Costa Rica

While nature has beautifully crafted the forests, mountains, beaches, and hot springs, mankind has also added to it in the most magnificent manner. The architectural grandeur of Costa Rica is worth cherishing. During your journey in Costa Rica, you’ll surely get an essence of the “Pura Vida” – ‘Pure Life’ as the natives call it. You’ll be touched by their warmth and methods of simple living. Living with the locals, you’ll get to experience the authentic Costa Rican lifestyle, learn their language and savor the delicious tastes of their cuisine and much more! And nonetheless, you’ll get to click nature’s best, while contributing effectively as a volunteer.

10. Brazil

No matter whether you are a football fanatic or not, taking a trip to Brazil would be nothing less than a celebration worth rejoicing! A country that is always high on life with an adequate dosage of samba, soccer, and sea – Brazil is a favorite destination among the millennials who are seeking an adventure of a different dimension. And of course, you can’t miss exploring anything from the Amazon Rainforests to the Iguaçu Falls and the bustling cities of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Walk around the graffiti-laden streets and hop along the beaches in Rio, while volunteering for a meaningful cause and make a difference!

Now that you know which are the most Instagrammable volunteering destinations, start planning for your next trip in 2020 and get in touch with us! Drop us a mail at [email protected] and our Program Advisors will soon get back to you!

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