Be A Santa For Someone – Travel Abroad To Volunteer This Christmas!


The winters are knocking at the doors, and the fragrance of merriment is all around – because Christmas is approaching!

Lights will brighten the streets, Santa’s song will be played, and the aroma of cakes will be in the air. Perhaps you’ll decorate that Christmas tree, and get a lot of gifts. The usual Christmas rituals will happen like every other year.

But, do you want to make this Christmas the most memorable one of your life?

If your answer is ‘yes’, then what can be a better option than travelling abroad to volunteer. Not only do you get to explore a new place, but also open new doors for yourself and others.

Sounds like a good plan, right? Then what are you waiting for – find out the best volunteering programs that you can join during this winter break and book your flights! Rest assured, this will turn out to be the best Christmas of your life!

There are different destinations around the world where you can travel to, and participate in philanthropic activities. Take a look at the wide range of volunteering programs, and choose the cause you want to contribute to.

1. Childcare Volunteer Program in Costa Rica

You must have seen how excited and happy the kids of your family and society are, during Christmas. But have you ever thought how it is like for those children who have lost their parents, are homeless and malnourished?

San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, faces the constant migration of people from the surrounding nations, and there are innumerable kids who are left all by themselves. All they need is a little care and love.

This Christmas, travel to Costa Rica and join the Childcare Program – be a Santa to these kids and spread some happiness.

2. Teaching Computer Skills in Cambodia


Technology has escalated to a whole new level in the past few years, and today, no work can be done without its assistance.

A computer is one of those basic things that’s essentially a part and parcel of our daily lives. The knowledge of using the internet connects us to the entire world, and gives us information about anything and everything.

NGOs, orphanages, and schools in Phnom Penh are well equipped with technology, but there’s a lack of proper education and technological assistance.

Cambodia, emerging from a turbulent past, needs volunteers who can help in their IT progress.

Are you a gadget savvy person, and spend half of your day with your laptop/computer? Then you can take up this cause which would be in line with your preference, and also help others to learn from you.

3. Disabled Care Volunteering in China

There are numerous children and adults in Beijing who are suffering from mental disabilities, and life for them isn’t as easy as it is for us.

A charity has taken up the mission to create a better life for these people, by providing necessary services to them.

They are provided with basic English education, along with lessons of dance and music, as well as making handicrafts and paintings.

This Christmas, explore the streets of Beijing, visit the Great Wall of China, and volunteer for the disabled care program.

4. Public Health and Nutrition Program in The Philippines

It is a common saying that the healthier person is the happier person. However, in most of the South East Asian nations, malnutrition is a major problem which generates several lolong-termealth issues.

You don’t need to have a medical background to be a volunteer – all you need is to have the patience and empathy to make people understand the basics of a healthy living. As a volunteer under the Public Health and Nutrition Program, you need to organize seminars and workshops to enlighten the community people about  the benefits of a balanced diet and maintaining nutritional plans.

Explore the archipelago that continues to face severe natural calamities, enjoy the variety of seafood they have to offer, and help the Filipinos live a healthier life.

5. Women Empowerment Volunteering Program in Morocco


In spite of the fact that Morocco has transformed itself in multifarious ways, women are still abused and cornered in several communities. The government of Morocco has introduced laws, and many NGOs are working for the upliftment of the women’s position in the society.

The aim is to bridge the gender inequalities. You can contribute by making the women aware of the global scenario, and teaching them ways in which they can become independent and confident.

Morocco has been chosen as the safest country for tourists in North African region, as per the 2015 reports. This is your chance to set your sails, to explore and to empower.

6. Construction & Community Development Program in Uganda

Uganda has transformed itself from a country with a troubled past to one of relative stability and prosperity. Yet, there are issues that need to be addressed.

As a community development volunteer, you need to take charge of all the necessary issues including environment, sanitation etc. This volunteering program involves more field work and you need to be active all the time.

7. Childcare Volunteering Program in Palampur, India

Indians are always ready when it comes to celebrating a festival, and if you have the mood for some cake on the Christmas Eve, then you can easily find it here. And imagine how wonderful it would be if you get to celebrate this time with all the little children who usually don’t get to be a part of the festivities otherwise.

As a volunteer for the Child Care Project in the picturesque Himalayan hamlet of Palampur, you’ll be working for the kids from underprivileged backgrounds who do not get much care and attention that they deserve at this tender age. You’ll have to teach them and play with them so that they are engaged in some sort of activity-based learning procedure. You can also assist the staff in managerial work or plan how to make the center more colorful and vibrant. Your step might appear too small to you but it’ll make a big impact in the lives of those little ones for whom you’ll volunteer.

8. Elephants 2 Beaches Volunteer & Travel Program, Thailand

If you are in a mood to ditch the chaos and cacophony, to spend some time amidst nature, soaking the freshness around you – then you should make the best use of your Christmas holidays by traveling to the quaint town of Chiang Mai, and volunteer at the Elephant village while living with the local mahout community folks. Spend quality time in the village to know about the lifestyle and culture of the natives and explore Chiang Mai’s offbeat places that are often missed out by tourists.

With a bunch of like-minded travelers, set out on a unique journey and serve the gentle giants while bathing them, feeding them and taking them out for walks. Know how the mahouts (caregivers) look after these Thai elephants on a day to day basis, and also how they communicate with their non-human friends. It’ll be an incredible experience to feel the love of these elephants! And once you have enjoyed your peaceful retreat and volunteering, you’ll be heading towards the beaches of Koh Samui to dive into the turquoise water and get tanned. You’ll have options to go for snorkeling or scuba diving, but the highlight of this journey will surely be the exploration trips to the virgin Thai islands.

9. Conservation Program, Spain

Always wanted to be in Spain during Christmas? Ah well, how about making it this time? Spain surely is one of those European countries where the big day is celebrated with pomp and grandeur, and it’s really not something worth missing out! And this time, you can just brighten up your Christmas by volunteering for the conservation project in Valencia Region.

A perfect treat for nature lovers and animal enthusiasts, this project will give you the opportunity to spend adequate time amidst nature for the improvement of water resources, safety against forest fires, reforestation, and well being of the inhabitant species. It’ll be one of a kind experience to work at the Albufera Natural Park. You’ll also get the opportunity to learn the tips of being a responsible traveler while volunteering for this project. By all possible means, it’ll turn your Christmas vacation into a meaningful learning journey.

10. Day Care Center Volunteering Project, Peru

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Often, we come across volunteers who touches the chord of our heart. Here's one such note: "It has been a month of beautiful places, a fantastic family, racing behind children and racing to get away from them, of disobedient children but who are able to fill your heart with their sweetness. It was a month of laughter, of Pisco Sour and salsa, of meetings in the Plaza de Armas (with delays), of friendships from all over the world. It was a month with a lack of oxygen, chocolates, and rice (too much). It was a beautiful month, tiring, but still beautiful. So I just have to say a huge thank you to all the people I met, even for a few hours, to the family that welcomed us as if we were at home, thanks also to those who are reading these words written with melancholy on the journey back from Machu Picchu." Courtesy – @carodt15 #iamvolsoler #friendsforever #peru #volunteering #memories #photoofthday #trek #solotravel #instagood #socialgood #makememories #andes #mondaymood #volunteerwork #makememories #goexplore #travel #lovetravel #adventure #letsgo #volsolperu #happy #journey #naturalwonder #naturephotography #visitperu #gotogether #mustvisit

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Christmas in Peru is surely a treat for all travelers, and if you are one of those people who love to spend their time with children, then you must opt for volunteering at the daycare center in Cusco this winter. Most of the kids are between the age of 6 months to 4 years old and they’ll cuddle you in the most loving way.

All that you have to do as a volunteer is to shower them with utmost care and affection that they deserve. You can also help the older ones learn a few basic lessons and rhymes so that it’s easier for them to get into a kindergarten school. The kids attending these schools belong to the underprivileged background and most of them have single mothers. So they don’t usually get the love they require in this growing age. This Christmas, be a Santa for these little ones, and give them the best gift in the world – love!

It is not always about what you get, but about what you give. You must have spend enough on perishable and tangible things throughout your life. This Christmas, spend on a noble cause and set out to volunteer – it’s going to be a lifetime experience for you! 

Make this Christmas special for your friends and family too – take them for a trip abroad to volunteer, and create an opportunity for them to experience the real happiness of serving people.

Are you ready to set out for a journey that’s nothing like the ones you’ve taken before?

Get – set – go!

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