List Of Tasks To Be Done By A Volunteer In Thailand

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As a placement organization, we receive a lot of queries from interested volunteers related to their work schedule and the tasks involved in volunteering abroad. The task for a volunteer working under any kind of a project, at a given destination, depends on the type of that project as well as the current state of requirements. Volunteering Solutions provide projects in four different cities of Thailand, and every location with a different set of projects to choose from. Here is a defined list of tasks for each of them;



Avaiable Volunteering-projects-in-Bangkok-Thailand

1. Kindergarten

– Teaching English at the basic level to children with the use of graphical and pictorial representations.

– Taking care of the kids for the day

– Cleaning and feeding them

–  Assist the in-house staff with organizing fun activities and games for the kids.

–  Create your own educations games and recreational activities.

2. Women Empowerment

– Teaching the girls of the age group of 10-17 basic English and other general knowledge studies.

– Help them learn new kind of arts and crafts.

– Organizing sessions and activities that improve self-confidence in them

– Spend some time speaking with them to make them feel comfortable and let them know that all is not over yet.

There are a set of pregnant women and young mothers who have been shunned out by their families.

– Volunteers can help in taking care of their children

– Taking them for doctor’s appointment.

– Volunteers who are experts in taking care of adolescents can provide tips and tricks to taking care of the new born.

3. Teaching Monks

As the name suggests, under this program volunteers

– Teach general English language to little monks. Or any subject you are proficient in.

– Help the in-house staff (who are also Buddhist monks) in arranging extra-curricular activities.

4. Orphanage

–  Take care of the children of the age of up to 3 years.

–  Assist the staff in cleaning and feeding the babies.

–  Make sure of their hygiene and well-being.

5. Teaching English

–  Take lectures for students from primary and secondary sections to teach English.




1. Childcare

– Taking care of  the children

– Teaching them some basic yet important activities, such as painting and decorating, repairing doors, window frames,

– Create and play way environment for studying and not the usual text book class.

2. Teaching

– Teaching basic level subjects to the kids from the age group of 6 to 12 years.

– Teaching spoken English is taken as highly valuable as it generates employment opportunities for these kids in future.

3. Medical

– Providing support to the local healthcare professionals in their ongoing care and treatment for the local rural community people.

– Accompany the doctors during village and home visits.

4. Elephant

– Volunteers stay in an elephant village with the local mahout community and help them in daily chores for elephant care.

– Walking the elephants around, washing and feeding them on the scheduled time.

– Work alongside the mahouts in planting and harvesting the crops.

– Making elephant dung paper

Chiang Mai



1. Teaching English

– Teaching basic level spoken the English language to the kids in local primary and secondary schools.

2. Teaching Monks

– Choose from five different monasteries to teach little monks from the age group of 12-18.

– Conduct your own class or assist a teacher in teaching the monks.

– Organize extracurricular activities for them.

3. Children’s Home

– Spend time with the kids while playing games with them

– Engage and organize them in different activities, such as sports, arts, and crafts.

– Help them with their homework.

– Help the in-house staff in cooking, cleaning, and various other maintenance work.

4. Elephant Camp

– Help on bathing elephants and then feed them breakfast.

– Be a part of guide team in helping the tourist arriving at the camp with safety procedures.

– Learn from the mahouts how to train the elephants.

This goes to show that it may sound a bit tricky and hectic, but the work involved while volunteering under any of the projects in Thailand are pretty simple and fun more so. To know more on registration process and other FAQs get in touch with our program advisor at [email protected].

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