Volunteer with Elephants in Thailand - Chiang Mai

Trip Highlights

  • Volunteer with Elephants, get to work in a quaint Elephant village in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand 
  • Responsibilities include working with mahouts, collecting elephant feed from the forest, helping in making their vitamins, taking them for walks, morning and evening bathes and taking care of baby elephants 
  • Volunteers also get to make different organic products out of Elephant waste 
  • An ideal break where volunteers get to live in the countryside and also take a break from their everyday life 
  • Great opportunity for all wildlife enthusiasts to work for the conservation of elephants at local elephant camps 
  • Get to meet fellow passionate volunteers from all over the globe 


If there is one thing that Thailand is known for apart from its scintillating beaches, it is definitely the Elephants. Elephants are immensely popular in Thailand and are highly revered as well. The love and affection for these giant mammals in Thailand is pretty evident, and that is exactly what the elephant camp volunteering is all about.

Gap year travelers who are wildlife enthusiasts and looking for volunteer opportunities for wildlife conservation and welfare can join this program in Chiang Mai. They will be staying at these elephant camps that are located 45 minutes outside mainland Chiang Mai. The Camp is a beautiful setup, located amidst lush green forests and surrounded by tall mountains from all sides. Every little bit helps in the development of the camp. Late in the afternoon/early evening, volunteers will be able to spend more time with the elephants and elephant trainers.  This is when volunteers will really begin to bond with these lovely creatures and learn how to best care for them. This program is best suited for wildlife enthusiasts and those who are willing to do some outdoor hard work.

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