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Summer Volunteering Program

Why Should You Join The Summer Volunteering Program in 2018 [Infographic]

Do you really want us to convince you for doing some brilliant work during your summer break? Guess not! But we actually have some amazing plans that would not just brighten up your days, but also help you to indulge in a meaningful journey, making a difference to the world ...
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Summer Volunteer Abroad Programs 2018

Top Summer Volunteer Abroad Programs 2018

So you had a blasting summer this year, or maybe not. In both the cases, you definitely must be looking forward to the next years’ summer time. And since this year is inching towards its end, travelers around the world have already started planning their next year's’ summer trips. One ...
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Summer Volunteer Programs

10 Reasons To Choose Summer Volunteer Abroad Projects In 2018

Would you choose to waste your summer break doing nothing? Or would you make a sensible choice of opting for a volunteering project and making the most of your time by doing something meaningful? While the first one is easier to choose, the second one will surely take you a ...
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Summer Volunteer Abroad Destinations 2018

Where Should You Volunteer In Summer 2018?

The concept of 'voluntourism' is gaining a lot of importance nowadays as more and more millennials are setting out for distant lands to explore and make a meaningful contribution towards the society. If you've been planning a volunteering trip during summer 2018, then now is the perfect time to decide ...
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India summer volunteering program

India Summer Volunteering Program 2018 – An Overview

While planning for holidays the one thing that figures in everyone’s bucket list is a perfect summer trip abroad. A trip that is affordable, fun, safe and gives us an authentic cultural experience of the country that we plan to travel to. One of the best ways to get this ...
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volunteer abroad in summer 2018

Quiz: Where Should You Volunteer During Summer 2018?

From Tanzania in Africa to Cambodia in Asia - Volunteering Solutions has some amazing Summer Volunteer Adventure Programs that are crafted exclusively for you! Whether you are a high school student or a gap year traveler, summer is the best time to pack your bags and set out for your ...
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summer volunteer abroad programs for 2018

Top Summer Volunteer Abroad Programs For 2018

Volunteering abroad endows you with the scope to travel and explore a country with the locals, and the experience you gather would last a lifetime. Summer is the best time for interested candidates to set sail and travel abroad to volunteer. Most of the high school/ college/ university students aim ...
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Summer Volunteer Trip To Thailand

What To Expect From Summer Volunteer Trip To Thailand

Thailand is one of that handful of destinations in the world that show up on every traveler’s bucket list; at any given time of the year. However, it is the summer break time when most plan their trips abroad, especially, students planning their gap year. And what better could be ...
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visa friendly countries for volunteering

5 Visa Friendly Countries For Summer Volunteering Abroad

Summer vacations, a time that everyone (especially the college and high school teens) look forward to. People make their plans way in advance as to what they would want to do or where they would want to go during the summer breaks. One activity, which is highly popular and mostly ...
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Features of Summer Volunteer Abroad Programs | Volsol

Volunteering abroad during summers is a unique and different way to travel and explore the world. Summer Volunteering projects abroad are popular amongst university students, school students, groups of families and friends as it is an affordable and also a meaningful way to spend holidays across destinations whilst getting the ...
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