Not To Miss African Experiences on a Volunteering Trip


When you travel to any of the African countries for volunteering, you will realize that there are some really amazing activities to indulge yourself in. Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, Morocco, South Africa, each of the African destinations offer unique experience, cumulatively creating what we can call a real African experience.

Volunteering solutions brings you a snippet of what actually you can experience while volunteering in Africa. Read on:


Jungle Safaris

With almost 22 percent of African land being forest and woodland, what else do you expect to start with? If there is one thing that pops up in the mind when speaking of Africa, it’s the adventurous safari tours. The region is marked with a series of wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in different countries. South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, and many other countries in Africa provide a great opportunity to experience the taste of an African safari.

Living with a local Tribe

This is a one – of – its – kind experience for volunteers attending a program in Africa. The African region sustains thousands of ethnic tribes that still live in their actual form of existence. Witnessing the cultural nuances of these tribes is a great experience in itself. Under several projects provided by Volunteering Solutions in Kenya, volunteers have the choice of registering for the Masai Volunteering Project, where in they get a chance to stay with the Masai tribe, in their village, and understand their way of living and culture.

The heights of Mt. Kilimanjaro and more

While volunteering in Tanzania, volunteers have the opportunity to work in the vicinity of the world’s highest freestanding mountain; and that’s not it. The table mountain in Cape Town is another piece of rock that will fascinate your sense, when in South Africa for volunteering work. While these are just two to mention, the entire African continent is marked with some amazing mountain trails to woo the trekker in you.


Speaking Afrikaans… or Swahili

While volunteering abroad, it is always advised to get hold of a few commonly used words/phrases that are local to the destination you have registered to volunteer at. When you choose to travel to Africa for volunteering work, try and learn the local dialects in order to bond quickly and stronger with the people you interact with.


Explore the Indian Ocean archipelago

In the eastern part of African continent is a gorgeous formation of Archipelago of Zanzibar, Tanzania. With a series of mind-numbing beaches, the entire region provides a tranquil ambience. You can choose to sit and relax, and enjoy the pristine view from the beach, or take a dip into the turquoise waters to explore the mesmerizing marine life.


Take a culinary trip

The uniqueness about African culinary is the combination of culture and history that reflects from each bite. Be it the traditional hand rolled wheat pasta dish of Couscous that you can try in Morocco, or the famous South African sausage dish called Boerewors. Every part of the entire African continent has its own culinary uniqueness, and no matter in which part of Africa you are you can always find a great companion for your taste palates.


While these are just a few to mention, Africa has a lot of amazing experiences to take and live; volunteering in Africa is a platform to attain this objective. If you want to know more about these experiences and several others in Africa while volunteer traveling, get in touch with our program advisors today at [email protected].

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