Quiz: Where Should You Volunteer In Africa in 2020?


The second largest continent in the world, Africa has something special about it. Be it the vast golden beaches or the sandy Sahara desert, be it the ancient pyramids of Egypt or the magnificent wildlife of Serengeti National Park – each of the 54 African countries have something or the other to offer its visitors.

In spite of everything, Africa is still struggling to overcome the huge burden of poverty and illiteracy, and for that, the contribution of the volunteers is much needed. High school/ College students, gap year travelers and backpackers, couples and families who are eager to make a difference and contribute meaningfully towards the African society, can travel and volunteer in Africa in 2020.

If you are still confused and thinking about where to go, then take this quiz to know which African country you should visit to volunteer.

For more details about the volunteering opportunities in Africa, you can drop us a mail at [email protected]

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