5 Reasons Why You Should Take A Volunteer Abroad Trip With Your Family


It’s not new that people often put their travel plans at bay due to work pressure, budget issues, or any other reason. However, an international vacation with family is something that works as a huge game-changer. And, if you want to add an interesting twist to your sojourn with family, taking a volunteer trip with your loved ones would be your best bet.

And you’ll ask – “How?”

Enough of procrastination, here are 5 reasons why you MUST plan a volunteer trip with your family this year!

1. One Of The Best Lessons To Give To Your Kids

While traveling can expose your kids to new places, people, cultures, and things, volunteer trips show them a different kind of life.

Most kids live in a bit of a “life bubble.”  What they experience is often their perception of the world.  By taking them outside of that daily bubble, you will give them new experiences that can reshape their worldview and they’ll be more open to accept new things and understand the fact that people in other parts of the globe live a different kind of life.

They can see different people, admire new natural environments, experience a variety of food, help to rebuild a community, make new friends – perhaps they’ll even be exposed to new languages.  

In addition, kids can experience firsthand things that they might have learned about in school or at home.

2. You Don’t Need To Splurge To Have Fun



A volunteer vacation is one of the most budget-friendly ways of taking international trips. It is mainly because most of the volunteer programs are offered in developing or underdeveloped countries, making it cheaper to travel.

Here is a list of some really fascinating volunteer destinations to travel with your family on a shoestring budget.

Plus, if you have registered your volunteer trip through a placement agency, your living expenses slashes down a lot, leaving you with personal shopping and eating out as the only expenses while traveling.

This is one of the strongest reasons to stop procrastinating on your family trip and plan it right away.

3. Show More Of Yourself To Each Other



Sure, family dinners and movie nights are great for bonding, but nothing creates lifelong memories and experiences like traveling.

It cuts out the distractions of school, work, and everything else, and allows you to spend uninterrupted time together in new and exciting places. While working on the volunteer projects, you learn a lot more about your kids and other family members – their approach to solving a problem, level of patience, emotional quotient, dedication, and more.

Additionally, of course, the memories that you make with your family while doing community service is unparallel.

After all, no one will ever forget the time when the kids bathed an elephant in Thailand volunteer program!

4. Get That Much Needed Break From Work Stress



Parents aren’t the only ones who experience stress. Busy school days, demanding sports schedules, and nonstop obligations often make kids feel as burdened as their overworked parents.

It has been shown that chronic stress can cause health problems.  So, by breaking away from your daily routine you can get relief from the continuous stress and that could be good for your health. And, for once, you’ll not only get to understand the stress and problems that other people face in their daily routine but will also get to help them get rid of those problems.

A break from your family’s busy and repetitive daily routine, even if only for a week, could provide the relief you need.

5. It’s A Different Travel Experience



Yes! Volunteering abroad is absolutely on a different tangent of traveling experience. You are not just taking a leisure holiday abroad, but traveling miles away from home to bring about a positive change in several unfortunate lives. And, you’ll get to do this with your family as a team.

It’s an opportunity to visit unconventional destinations – places that you might not have considered visiting otherwise. But, it is only when you travel to such places, you’ll realize how much underrated these destinations have been all these time.

So, it’s time that you plan a volunteer trip with your family!  

For more information about the Family Volunteering Programs with Vol Sol, you can drop us a mail at [email protected]

Detach from your daily stress, teach your kids how to adapt to unplanned situations, expose them to new experiences, connect as a family, and create memories for the future – accomplish everything with a family volunteer vacation.

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