Family Volunteering Abroad Programs

Volunteering Solutions offers a wide array of amazing family volunteering programs that would give you a chance to set out for a meaningful journey with your closed ones and make a difference to the society. It's one of a kind opportunity for those who are keen on sharing their family strengths and help the underprivileged communities by doing something worthy for them. The projects are designed in such a way that they offer ample cultural immersion along with opportunities to explore the new destination for all family members.

Can I Volunteer Abroad with My Children?

Well, of course! All our programs are essentially designed in a way that would encourage your kids to be a part of it and also help them to understand the various problems that prevail in the society, and at the same time, if them exposure to a bigger world. They would gain confidence to step out of their comfort zone and with your help and our guidance, they would learn to grow as more humble and empathetic human beings.

Where Can We Volunteer as a Family?  

Preferred countries for families include India, Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Bali, Tanzania, Peru, Costa Rica, and Spain. However, you can choose any country from a list of 25, where we currently have our programs, and we can try to cater your needs and customize a program for your family.

Which Projects Are Most Suitable for Family Volunteering?

For families, we mostly suggest and offer projects such as Childcare, Teaching, Community Development, Elephant Volunteering, Turtle Conservation, Two-Week Volunteer and Travel specials amongst several others. These have a specific work schedule, and you provide you with optimum flexibility to contribute in your way.

How Long Can My Family Volunteer Abroad For?

You can choose to volunteer for a minimum duration of 1 week to a maximum of 24 weeks, depending on your choice and availability. However, the ideal timeframe would be for at least 2 - 3 weeks. During this time, you can volunteer at the project site on weekends, and make the most of your weekends by traveling with your family and exploring the host country.

How Do We Apply to Volunteer Abroad as a Family?

While you need to fill separate application forms for each member, arrangements, and information for each family are clubbed together for convenience. For more information, you can write to us at [email protected] and our expert Program Advisors will soon get in touch with you.

Why Should I Choose To Go For A Family Volunteering Program Abroad with Volunteering Solutions?

That’s a pretty valid question, and are here to sort your doubts. We aren’t asking you to trust us blindly, but yes, we assure you to provide with the best in-country support, 24/7 assistance, a comprehensive pre-departure guidance, a detailed program orientation, comfortable accommodation & healthy meals, as well as a life-changing opportunity to contribute meaningfully and experience something unique with your family members.

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