Family Volunteering Abroad Programs

Families volunteering abroad together are nothing but ‘holidays with a difference and meaning’ and to facilitate these meaningful journeys for families, VolSol offers ideal volunteering projects in a wide array of destinations. We offer projects such as Childcare, Teaching, Community Development, Elephant Volunteering, Turtle Conservation, Two-Week Volunteer and Travel specials amongst several others in Asia, Africa, Europe, and Latin America. Preferred countries for families include India, Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Bali, Tanzania, Peru, Costa Rica, and Spain. Trips can be facilitated to other destinations as well. 

Accommodated together and placed in a project together making sure that each member gets rewarding and fulfilling volunteer work, The Pre-departure information assistance, meals, airport pickups, in-country transportation, in-country assistance are all taken care of for families by VolSol with extra care and attention. The projects are also designed in a way that they offer ample cultural immersion along with ample exploration opportunities of the new destination for all family members. 

The minimum age requirement for kids needs to be 8 years old so that the parents can actively participate in the project. However, in case, 2-3 families are traveling together and there are more people to take care of toddlers, exceptions can be made. 

While you need to fill separate application forms for each member, arrangements, and information for each family are clubbed together for convenience. For more information, you can write to us at- [email protected]

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