Family Volunteer Abroad Programs

Family Volunteer Abroad Programs

Embark on an enriching family volunteering trip with your loved ones and make a difference.

Volunteering Solutions has a bunch of affordable and impactful family volunteer abroad programs, offering an opportunity for meaningful family vacations while making a positive impact on society. It's a unique chance for families to utilize their strengths to aid underprivileged communities. These projects are crafted to provide cultural immersion and exploration opportunities for all family members within the new destination. Currently, we have 100+ programs across 40+ destinations in Asia, Africa, Europe, South America and Australia.

VolSol team recommended the following program destinations for family volunteer vacations :-

  • Peru
  • Costa Rica
  • India
  • Nepal
  • Malaysia
  • Sri Lanka
  • Thailand
  • Kenya
  • Tanzania
  • South Africa

"A wonderful experience in Peru! Volunteered with my husband and 4 teenage children. We worked in a daycare and enjoyed every moment. The children where absolutely adorable and happy. We were able to build cribs for the babies and paint and refurbish all the chairs. Working with kids daily with arts and crafts and lessons of English was rewarding. We were very pleased with the organization and the communication with Jenny and Sahil was constant throughout our time there. Our host family was incredible and made our stay comfortable and inviting. Mama Edith prepared the most amazing meals and was always very attentive. We were thoroughly impressed with Volunteering Solutions as this was our first service trip, we would highly recommend this organization"

(Voula - Volunteered with Family in Peru)


What are the best programs for family volunteer vacations abroad?

For families, our recommended projects typically include Childcare, Teaching, Community Development, Wildlife, and Environmental Conservation Programs. We also offer specially curated programs like 2-Week Voluntours and 1-Week special short-term volunteer and travel options.

Note: Children must be a minimum of 8 years old to allow parents to fully participate in the project. However, if 2-3 families are traveling together and there are ample caregivers for toddlers, exceptions can be considered. Additionally, children aged 15 and under receive a 50% discount on their application fees.

Why should you choose to volunteer abroad as a family with Volunteering Solutions?

Volunteering Solutions guarantees the best in-country support, 24/7 assistance, thorough pre-departure guidance, detailed program orientation, comfortable accommodation, nutritious meals, and a transformative opportunity for meaningful contributions and unique experiences with your family members.

For further details, reach out to us at, and our knowledgeable Program Advisors will promptly connect with you.

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