Top Spring Break Volunteer Destinations For Students In 2020


When winter is here, can spring be far away? – 2020 has set in with loads of good things in store, and as the Spring Break is nearing, Volunteering Solutions has a lot of interesting and affordable projects for those looking for Alternative Spring Break Options.

Spring Break is the time for high school/college/university students to explore something beyond their coursework, and what can be fascinating than taking a volunteer trip abroad, to join a cause of societal development, and to effectively contribute towards the growth of the host community.

Embarking on a volunteering journey abroad during the Spring Break is not a new concept – however, the idea of engaging with social work while traveling is getting more leverage than before and with every passing year, more and more millennials are taking the step out of their comfort zone.

If you have been wondering how to make your Spring Break more meaningful and worthy, here are some really affordable volunteering destinations where you can go in 2020;

1. India

One of the most preferred volunteering destinations, India is the country that is there on almost everyone’s bucket list. Being a developing country, there are several spheres in the society where you can contribute and sow the seeds of development.  Visiting India during spring break will allow you to witness some really amazing cultural festivals (Holi, the festival of colors) and opportunities to understand the typical Indian traditions. If you are planning to travel for a duration of 1 – 2 weeks, you have the option to choose from a wide range of volunteering programs; such as Street Children, Orphanage, Medical and Healthcare, Women Empowerment, and Teaching. These projects are spread across several different cities in India; including, Delhi, Dharamsala (Palampur), and Kerala.   

2. Nepal

A paradise on the lap of the Himalayas, Nepal should be your destination if you want to give a little push to your adventurous side while volunteering. Volunteering Solutions has several amazing & affordable projects in Nepal, ranging from Childcare Program to Medical Internship. While traveling in Nepal, one can never afford to miss bungee jumping or river rafting! Our in-country coordinators will help you plan your weekend trips, and provide you with the best travel experiences ever.

3. South Africa

Volunteers looking for an adventurous spring break volunteer trip abroad should look nowhere else. Providing placements in enthralling cities of Cape Town and Port Elizabeth, Volunteering Solutions offers a complete volunteer and travel package for students. This is a nice opportunity to satiate your adventure lust and work towards making a difference in the society. Volunteering in South Africa is, also, a great option for wildlife lovers. So VolSol has a specially crafted 2 week special program focusing on Township Development and Wildlife Adventure Tour.

4. Thailand

One of the most popular holiday destinations in the world, Thailand, is, also, a great destination to volunteer abroad. With its long stretched, palm-fringed beaches, grand markets, exuberant nightlife, and endless food options, Thailand makes for a great destination to travel on a spring break. Volunteering Solutions offer placements in 3 different cities in Thailand, to give 4 unique experiences to its volunteers. Programs are offered in capital city of Bangkok, the epitome of Thai culture – Chiang Mai, and the Elephant capital of Thailand – Surin. You can teach the monks in schools, or spend time with little kids at orphanages, or just feed and take care of elephants at a camp.

5. Peru

Always wanted to explore the Latin American country where the Incas once dwelt? Don’t waste your Spring Break – go ahead and explore Peru while volunteering. Volunteers coming to Peru during their spring break time can expect a heavy dose of cultural sight. All volunteers would be accommodated with host families, where they can stay and learn about Peruvian culture and lifestyle. They are placed in the capital city of Cusco, which is closely located to some of the best tourist hotspots in Peru; including the world famous Machu Picchu. There are several affordable projects in Peru including Healthcare Project, Teaching Project, Child Care Project among others.

6. Costa Rica

A heaven for volcano lovers, Costa Rica is a paradise cradling nature’s best creations. The Hummingbird capital of the world, this country is extremely beautiful with varied topography and numerous species thriving there. If you have always wanted to see the turtles closely while they hatch the eggs, you can be a part of the Turtle Conservation Project, which is one of our top preferred projects. VolSol also provides other projects like Wildlife and Rescue Centre Project, Childcare Project and Teaching Project in Costa Rica.

7. Cambodia

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"I have been working in NBIC in Phnom Penh, an orphanage for disabled children. It has been amazing to share this time with them, they are nice, smiling and sweet and I have learned a lot from them. This picture has been taken in Sihanoukville during a 1-day trip, 10 hours of bus just to spend 3 hours on the beach. It's one of the few opportunities they have to leave the orphanage. They were so happy… that it's really worth to go!!!! I just hope to come back another time to see them, tomorrow I'm back home and i will really miss them… Thank you!!" -Anahi Lacanna, #Orphanage #Volunteering Program in #Cambodia #VolSolCambodia #travel #volunteertravel #VolSol #volunteerwork #volunteerabroad #children #disablecare

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This place has a lot more to offer to the travelers than just the ruins of Angkor, and if you want to explore the country like an insider, what can be a better option than a volunteering trip to Cambodia? Travel abroad and make a difference in this SouthEast Asian nation by joining any of the projects ranging from NGO Support & Childcare Program to Teaching & Healthcare. No matter which program you choose, you’ll surely get to make an impact in the lives of the people.

8. Vietnam

A neighbor of Cambodia and Thailand, Vietnam is another country worth traveling to, during your 2020 Spring Break. You can be a part of the Teaching Project, Child Care Project or Medical Volunteering Project in Vietnam. Traveling to a beautiful country is always a good thing, and you can make the whole journey more valuable by contributing something back to the society which needs your help. An experience of working in a developing country would perhaps change your way to look at life.

9. Tanzania

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While volunteering in a childcare in Tanzania: My place, where I left my heart and soul to find the most true and beautiful smiles I’ve ever seen in my life. Smiles of children who have nothing except love and happiness: exactly what we really miss in our lives. ❤️🌍 ~ . . . . . #IAmVolSoler #volunteeringsolutions #volsoltanzania #volsol #volunteer #volunteering #spreadsmile #bringthechange #makeadifference #photooftheday #volunteerdiaries #makeachange #volunteerabroad #workforchildren #play #kids #children #volunteerforacause #bethechange #beavolunteer #childrenof_instagram #learnsomethingnew #teachchildren #cutekids #childrenofinstagram #playwithkids #happythem #tanzania

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Home to Mt.Kilimanjaro and surrounded by the Serengeti National Park, Tanzania is the place for wildlife enthusiasts. Being a volunteer in Tanzania, you will get an affordable travel experience in the country and go for the safaris on weekends while working on project sites during weekdays. Projects in Tanzania are located in Arusha and Zanzibar – and absolutely suitable for those looking for an alternate Spring Break option for a couple of weeks. The most preferred projects are Medical Volunteering, Childcare Projects, and Teaching Programs.

10. Kenya

Travel to Kenya and spend some quality time with the Maasai Community folks while living with the unprivileged people and volunteering for them. The projects in Kenya are placed in & around the capital city, Nairobi, and are extremely cost-friendly, exclusively meant for students. Medical and Pre-med students can join the Healthcare Project while others can be a part of the Teaching or Childcare Programs, sharing love and knowledge with the little kids. VolSol has a 2-week special program in Kenya as well, which accommodates the best combo of volunteering and traveling.

11. Ghana

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Every culture have something so great that you can not only appreciate but also incorporate in your life. While #volunteering for 3 Weeks Amazing Program in #Ghana you will get a chance to experience how tough is the life of some Ghanaian people and how they are fighting all these problems and bringing ease to it. #Volunteer mastered the right way of carrying babies on back and doing all the household work from the #Ghanaian ladies. 👍 Visit the link in bio to book your trip now. #meaningfultravel #gapyear #gapyeartravel #volunteertravel #volunteeropportunity #volunteerwork #volunteerabroad #ghanastyle #culture #tours #trips #experience #experiencetravel #travelgram #traveloften #tripofalifetime

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In the times, when more than half of the world is lured to take luxurious holidays and visit typical tourist destinations, we recommend you an out of the box destination for your spring break trip. Ghana is not just a highly affordable travel destination but it’ll also give you an opportunity to explore and get close to a typical African lifestyle. The volunteer work offered in Ghana will help you to get associated with the grassroots level, as you work in village communities and help refurbish schools for the poor. While the rest of the world travels to experience adventure activities in Africa, volunteering in this African country is no less than an adventure in itself.

If you want to make some meaningful contribution while learning something new, travel abroad and volunteer. For more information about the 2020 Alternative Spring Break Options, do get in touch with us at [email protected] & our Program Advisors will be happy to help you!

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