A Comprehensive List of Best Volunteer Programs in Nepal


Nestled amidst the robust and pristine Himalayas, with the world’s highest mountain peak (Everest) in its backdrop, is the beautiful country of Nepal. The country has been a huge crowd puller from ages. While it has majorly been attracting the trekkers and mountaineers for years, the requirements and reasons have changed over the period of time.

Nepal, now, is not just visited by a bunch of trekking geeks, but also, students and backpackers on their gap year. With its natural grandeur, Nepal makes for a great volunteering destination abroad; and with the recent earthquake disasters, the need for helping hands have increased multiple folds.

Volunteering Solutions has been placing volunteers in Nepal for over a decade now and was actively supporting during the last years’ earthquake disasters. Here is a list of affordable volunteering opportunities in Nepal to choose from;

Orphanage Volunteer Work

volunteer programs in Nepal

Volunteers under the Childcare program are placed at orphanage centers in the capital city of Kathmandu. The country has an exceeding number of orphans (and more after the earthquakes), which needs to be taken care of. These centers have children of different ages, averaging to around 10 years old. The centers seldom run out of quality staff to take care of the kids and teach them basic lessons. Volunteer at an orphanage in Nepal to fill this void and provide care and love to these kids. You can come up with your own creative ways to engage these children, take them out for excursions, play with them, teach them the basics of hygiene, and spend some quality time with them to make them feel loved. 


Teaching English Volunteer Work

teaching volunteer work Nepal

Volunteers under the teaching volunteering program in Nepal will be placed at local government schools that cater to the educational requirements of children from the economically weaker section of the society. The main role of a  volunteer teaching in Nepal will be to help improve the English vocabulary of the children by assisting the in-house teaching staff during lectures. Having a good hold on the language can help these children immensely in shaping their future career prospects, as tourism is a great source of earning in the region. These schools run short of quality English speaking staff and that is where volunteers can help. It will be a great experience of working with the kids and gain international working exposure as well. 


Medical & Healthcare Internship

Medical & Healthcare Program

Talking about international working exposure, Volunteering Solutions provide a great internship opportunity for medical and pre-med students in Nepal. Volunteers studying medicine and looking for international internship opportunities must apply to this project. Not only will it provide a challenging environment to test your skills and resilience, but also, will help you understand the medical conditions in a foreign country and how the local doctors handle them. Volunteers will mainly be shadowing the local medical staff in day to day activities and learn the basics. Based on the level of education and experience, a volunteer may be allowed to execute minute medical assistance; such as dressing, stitching, check-up, etc. The final discretion, however, is on the local doctor. 


Specially Customized Volunteering Programs

Volunteer Abroad 2015 with volsol

Volunteering Solutions has been in the field of volunteering abroad from over a decade now and have placed more than 10k volunteers so far. With so much of experience, the organization understands very well that there are few gap year travelers who face time crunch and can’t devote months on a volunteer program; however, do have the zeal to make a difference in the society while experiencing the rich culture and scenic beauty of a destination.

It is for such volunteer travelers, that Volunteering Solutions has designed special and affordable volunteer programs which include experiential volunteer work with all the elements of travel fun.

Summer Volunteering Program in Nepal

The Summer Special volunteer program is a 3 weeks’ project that includes extensive volunteer work at orphanage centers or local schools in Kathmandu, as well as weekend excursions to some of the best tourist spots in the region. This way, a volunteer gets to taste the experience of both, volunteer work and travel excursions. And all this well within the limited time period. This is a great way to make the best of travel time on a gap year. Summer special programs are very much popular amongst the college students on their gap year.

Language and Orientation Week

It is said that to understand a country, one must understand its culture and traditions, heritage, language, and history. While Google, certainly, can provide great help in that before you embark for your journey, a more authentic approach is to understand all this from a local point of view. It is for this, that Volunteering Solutions provide a one week’s special orientation program. During this one week program, volunteers will get to understand the local culture, language, traditions, cuisine types, Do’s and Don’ts, and things to do in Nepal. A locally appointed coordinator will be the guide throughout to provide the most legit and authentic information. A good way to start and make the best of your volunteer trip in Nepal.


Note: The Language and Orientation Week program is a special add-on project that can be added with any of the rest of the programs.

So, which one will it be for you? Get advice on choosing the best volunteer program in Nepal from our team of experts. Send in your queries at [email protected] and volunteer in Nepal today.

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