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Volunteers participating in the Teaching program in Nepal will be conducting English classes at local Nepalese public or private schools, which are short of staff and are in need of regular volunteers. Tourism is one of the main industries in Nepal and a strong command over English language can land a sophisticated and decent pay job. It is of a great benefit to work as a volunteer teaching in schools in Nepal, not just for the children from the underprivileged section but the volunteers as well.  

All that is required from the volunteers to execute this task is that they should have good English speaking abilities and lots of enthusiasm to work with children. Starting with basics of the language, the kids would be delighted if they are able to learn simple, short sentences which enables them to understand English and express themselves in the same language.

Volunteer tasks under the Nepal Teaching program

Volunteers under the teaching program in Nepal are mostly placed in primary school placements. However, placement options are also available for those looking to work in high schools. Following are the list of tasks to be done by volunteers under the teaching program in Nepal;
  • Assist the local staff of the schools
  • Evolve new ways of teaching in a play-way method.
  • Teach a class on your own once feel confident about it.
  • Include extra-curricular activities, such as playing games, dancing, going to a picnic or outing to the way of teaching
  • You are also welcome to participate in other activities of the school such as sports, music, and arts.
Your language of communication must be English and the kids would pick up the language naturally.

Teaching program schedule

Volunteers joining teaching program in Nepal will be accommodated with a host family or at a volunteer house. Both the arrangements are located close to the placement facility and are provided with meals. A typical schedule while volunteering in Nepal  goes like;
  • Sunday - Arrival in Kathmandu
  • Monday - Orientation session by the local coordinator covering topic areas; such
  • as safety, culture, language, places to visit, behaviour, food, and more. This will be followed by a visit to the placement facility in company of the local  coordinator to get introduced to the placement and the Inmates.
  • Tuesday to Friday - Volunteer work
    • Breakfast - 08:00 am
    • Volunteer at placement - 09:30 am to 12:30 pm and 02:00 pm to 05:00 pm
    • Lunch -  01:00 pm (will be provided at the accommodation)
    • Dinner - 07:00 pm
The same volunteer work schedule continues from the second week onwards

Weekends - Free to explore the city (Lunch is not provided on Fri/Sat/Sunday)

Note: Please note, the schedule may vary depending on the particular project the volunteer is participating on.

Nepal Program Booking
Volunteers can begin their program on any Start Date given below. (Unless you join the Language and Culture week in Kathmandu, which starts on 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month throughout the year, followed by  program of your choice in Nepal.) 

Volunteers need to book their flights to arrive in Kathmandu on the dates given below.
Volunteering Solutions Nepal Reviews
Kathmandu, Nepal
Merle Siegrist

I think my participation was appreciated by the teachers and they were happy to have an international exchange about our countries and cultures..

Kathmandu, Nepal
Staree Mae Dumalag

Living with the host family, volunteering at the hospital and the tours are the most exciting part of the whole trip..

Kathmandu, Nepal
Ines Volkhardt

The program was a great opportunity to make a difference in the lives of these lovely children. Giving Love and attention to all of them fulfilled me and made me happy. .

Kathmandu, Nepal
Karley Koch
(United States)

My placement was an amazing experience. Better than I expected. I would definitely do it again and will recommend it to other medical students. .

Kathmandu, Nepal
Catherine Johnston

The girls in my orphanage were so lovely and sweet. I will miss them a lot. It has made me want to come back and see them..

Kathmandu, Nepal
Isabel Quinn
(United States)

I was able to help the girls with their homework, and we shared our cultures with each other. I live by the beach and was filled with joy.

Kathmandu, Nepal
Marie Pier St-Laurent

The place is nice I was surprised and glad for the hot water and the generator and I was not expecting wi-fi at the beginning..

Kathmandu, Nepal
Linde van Tol

Teaching English and giving the school world maps was wonderful.I also traveled and did the Langtang trekking. Nepal is the most beautiful country I have ever been!.

Kathmandu, Nepal
Lijing Samantha Yip

I thoroughly enjoyed my volunteer placement. It was an eye-opener as I got to witness medical procedures that I would have otherwise not have the chance to witness in my home country. .

Kathmandu, Nepal
Elaine Buttigieg

Being able to help out at the orphanage for disabled kids, seeing and learning about diseases which we do not have in Malta and travelling around Nepal to see the beauty it offers..

Kathmandu, Nepal
Franziska Baldes

I enjoyed my placement, the accommodation and meals both were good and I definitely felt that my efforts get appreciated..

Kathmandu, Nepal
Weronika Lapczynska

I enjoyed teaching English to the kids, by singing with them and playing memory games. Meeting all the other volunteers and making friends with them..

Kathmandu, Nepal
Brittany Foley
(United States)

The highlight of volunteering trip was the interaction with the hospital staff and seeing a wide range of cases and how different the hospitals are here..

Kathmandu, Nepal
Daniel Decker

The children and teachers at the school are very nice. School festivals was interesting because I could sit in front of all. Other volunteers are also very nice..

Kathmandu, Nepal
Ashis Gurung

I completely enjoyed my placement, if I had the time, I would have extend for 2 more months. And I find my experience worthwhile because I can speak Nepali, I had the opportunity to translate in Nepali when the children did not understand me. .

Kathmandu, Nepal
Songzi Wen
(United States)

Even though Nepal might be not very rich but people in Nepal are still very friendly and their hearts definitely are full of love. I truly believe the tomorrow of Nepal must be very bright! .

Kathmandu, Nepal
Orlaith Kelly
(United Kingdom)

Meeting the children or making new friends are the highlight of my whole volunteering trip. .

Kathmandu, Nepal
Claudia Stublreiter

We enjoyed working in the Spark Children home a lot and were very impressed that the children are so disciplined..

Kathmandu, Nepal
Stephanie Rachid

The project was very interesting, the people were very nice and the kids are amazing. My experience was definitely worthwhile, it was a new experience full of different things. .

Kathmandu, Nepal
Doreen Thomson
(United Kingdom)

I had the best of both worlds I got to spend time with the kids at Save Lives Foundations and going to the school to work in the nursery kindergarten, I got to play with the kids and give them lots of love..

Nepal Program Cost
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