Nepal – Conditions One Month Post Earthquake


Exactly one month back, on this day, people in Nepal were having a normal day doing the regular activities they do each day, unaware of the fact that their lives are going to change completely in few minutes. A monstrous earthquake of 7.8 strength, as measured on the Richter scale, dismantled the life of people in Nepal, especially, in Kathmandu on the 25th of April 2015.

Several thousand people lost their lives, many got wounded, and plenty became homeless.  The rescue mission began with the help from several neighboring countries; including, India, China, Sri Lanka, etc. And just when the dust seemed to settle down a bit from this disaster, another earthquake hit the country with nearly the same strength (7.3 on Richter scale), leaving people in distraught and fear.

While the media across the world showcased some very disturbing images of Nepal post these shocks, which pushed travelers and backpackers to cancel their trips to this country, there were few who actually decided to visit Nepal to help the locals in such hour of need; these were mostly the volunteer travelers!

nepal earth quake
Kerry Parkes and Donya Broadhead During Volunteering in Nepal


Kerry Parkes and Donya Broadhead, the two brave women volunteers who had registered with Volunteering Solutions to work under Orphanage projects in Kathmandu, chose to continue with their sojourn post the quake, and, in fact, were there in Kathmandu when the country was hit the second time. It’s for the people like these that voluntourism has become a way of traveling, which is looked upon with much fervor and respect. If this wasn’t a reason enough to motivate you, here are 6 further reasons why you must not stop from traveling to volunteer in Nepal.

Two is always better than one

“The more, the merrier” is a very old adage, and I am sure most of us have heard it. Two people together can complete a task in lesser time and with more efficiency, than just one doing it all. The strength comes with unity, and currently Nepal is in dire need of strong support.

helping hand for nepalThe situation demands more helping hands than ever

It is a very common human tendency that we think our interference is not required when others are already involved. Many must have had this thought that the country and the affected people are getting help on all possible levels from everywhere, and our presence or absence won’t make much of a difference. Well, guess what? If each one of us sits back with this thought inside their house, there won’t be anyone to help at all.

Motivation and positive thoughts can accelerate the recovery

As soon as Nepal was blown away from this massive earthquake, neighboring countries like India initiated the rescue operations and started sending out help to the people who survived. Be it medical aid, supplies, clothes, and/or shelter. Huge donations started pouring in from all corners of the world. However, it is to be understood that money can help to recover from physical or monetary losses, but it’s the human touch that helps someone to recover from all psychological traumas. Providing that shoulder to support someone is the best way to say you care. And nothing helps better to recover than a heavy load of motivation and positivity implied in thoughts.

Childcare in NepalWhat else can be the best way to put your skills to test, than using them for helping others to recover?

You can be an aspiring medical practitioner or a survivor specialist who backpack travel to places. However, your skills are best utilized at such occasions only, when you can show how much dedication you have to use your skills in improving conditions of someone in need.

Volunteering is, in fact, all about going beyond limits of fear, to help

Whenever a disaster takes place somewhere, the first thing that comes to mind is whether the region has turned into a disease struck area or not. Similarly, several other concerns culminate in our mind that turn into our fears, thwarting all hopes to take that step forward. Volunteering is, in fact, all about avoiding any such thought and move over from all your fears to help people.


It’s all but over for Nepal

What the media has been showing on the news channels is just the half story told about the conditions in Nepal. Yes, there has been a huge loss of precious lives and heritage architectures. People have been living in shelter canopies with limited supplies and facilities. But, the situations are improving and people are trying their level best to come back to terms with normal routine. The hope is all but lost within the residents of Nepal.

Volunteering Solutions have been working for the upliftment of the underprivileged section of Nepal from almost a decade, and even during this hour of destruction, we are constantly providing all the support possible to the citizens of Nepal. Volunteers like Kerry and Donya have been a great support to our endeavors, and we look forward to more and more participation from volunteers from all over the world. Let’s help Nepal stand on its feet again!

To know more about volunteer projects in Nepal and FAQs related to it, contact us at [email protected]

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