Top Volunteering Abroad Destinations In Asia


Volunteer in Asia with Volunteering Solutions and choose from several destinations spread over South East and South Asia. Get to live like a local, engage with the local communities, habitats, and ways of life, make a positive difference and at the same time explore the many heritage sites of Asia. The projects are based in India, Nepal, Cambodia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, China, Bali (Indonesia), and the Philippines. The largest and the most populated continent of the world, Asia houses in itself a diversity that can be seldom matched. It’s interesting to acquaint oneself with the important facts about Asia before beginning a volunteering journey in the continent and once you’ve done that, here’s all that you need to know about the top volunteering destinations in Asia this year.

1. India

childcare volunteering in india

Volunteering in India is a life-changing experience for most people who come here. Lots of myth-busting, hustle and bustle and visual remnants of a culturally rich past, a visit to India is definitely a must-do in one’s lifetime. With volunteering opportunities in different areas such as child welfare and education, gender equity, Animal welfare, and Cultural sensitization programs, India enthusiasts have a lot to choose from.

Furthermore, Volunteering Solutions also facilitates weekend trips in and around Delhi for all volunteers to deeply engage and explore the country. Getting to live like a local, working for underserved local communities and explore all the important heritage sites – a perfect blend of volunteering and traveling in India is what you get with Volunteering Solutions.


2. Nepal

Nepal is a country with an undying fighting spirit. Be it the social problems such as poverty plaguing the country or getting back on its after the Nepal 2015 Earthquake, there’s a lot one can learn from the country and its people. Volunteering Solutions offers several different volunteer abroad opportunities in Nepal that include teaching English to the underprivileged kids of the local community, working in a local childcare center, medical healthcare volunteering programs amongst others.

An important verticle of pushing for Nepal’s economic growth is contributing in its local economy through responsible tourism. A hub of adventure activities and heritage sites, Team VolSol also lets volunteers explore the noteworthy sites of Nepal. The 3-week volunteering and travel summer special offers a perfect a blend of the two – work on a childcare project in Kathmandu, travel over the weekends to Pokhara, Sarangkot, Nagarkot and more, meet lots of fellow volunteers and locals and get to make the most out of your trip.


3. Cambodia

orphanage volunteering in Cambodia (1)

One of the most popular backpacking destinations in South East Asia, Cambodia lets volunteers work on a diverse range of projects. Encompassing opportunities with local NGOs that support women’s rights, child rights, child education, Micro-finance projects, support civil society administration amongst others, volunteering in Cambodia leaves ample room to make a difference to the lives of the locals. On top of it, participants along with fellow volunteers can also plan quick weekend excursions to Angkor Wat, Sihanoukville and Siem Reap to a well-rounded experience of living, volunteering and traveling in Cambodia.


4. Vietnam

volunteering in vietnam

Those who have visited Vietnam would certainly agree to the fact that it is one of the most underrated destinations in the world. With the kind of laid back lifestyle, extra-ordinary ecosystem, and fun loving people it has, Vietnam is only as experiential and opulent. The country though had a demotivating past, but things have changed now and Vietnam has turned into a beautiful destination for volunteering. Allowing volunteers to work for developing the nation. Volunteers can choose from a variety of projects to volunteer in Vietnam according to their skill set that includes Wildlife and Conservation, Childcare and Orphanage, Medical Healthcare and Teaching English. Volunteers will be placed in Ho Chi Minh City, where all the volunteer projects are offered in the country.


5. Thailand

volunteer in thailand

When you come across the name Thailand, the immediate thought that strikes, commonly, is ‘exceptional’; and most rightly so. The amazing country of Thailand is one of the most visited destinations in the world and has something for every kind of traveler. What adds to the fun of traveling in Thailand is the opportunity to work for the development of the society and the channel to understand a typical Thai life from up close. Volunteer projects offered in Thailand includes Childcare and  Kindergarten Care, Teaching English, Teaching Monks, Women Empowerment, Working in an Elephant Village and all-inclusive Summer Volunteering projects.

Volunteers are placed under any of these programs which are spread across 3 different cities in Thailand; namely, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Surin.


6. Sri Lanka

turtle conservation volunteering abroad

Fast becoming the center stage of the backpacking in Asia brigade, Lonely planet has rightfully named Sri Lanka as the destination to watch out this year. The country offers the best of both worlds – volunteering and traveling. Volunteers can choose from several different projects in Sri Lanka that include volunteering at an Elephant village, working with the local community, teaching young students and young monks, and also working for Turtle Conservation as well.  And the traveling part of Sri Lanka is definitely a thumbs up, after all, there’s a good reason why Lonely Planet has touted Sri Lanka as the destination to look out for this year. From the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Anuradhapura, Galle, Adam’s Peak to the lush greenery of Kegalle, Kandy, and Sinharaja National Forest Reserve, the tiny island nation of Sri Lanka is no less than a paradise in itself.


7. Bali

One of the most beautiful regions of South East Asia, Volunteering Solutions facilitates projects in Ubud and Tianyar in an effort to meet the needs of the locals to its optimum level. Volunteering opportunities include Marine and Coral Reef Conservation Program, Teaching, and Kindergarten Volunteering program as well. Other than the volunteer work, participants can explore the beaches, numerous island and the lush countryside of Bali, the phenomenon it is well-known for.


8. China

childcare volunteering China

One of the strongest economies of the world today, the country still battles with social inequalities. Volunteers who are eager to travel to China and find out what this significant civilization is all about should grab this chance to volunteer in China. Volunteering opportunities in the country include teaching programs, volunteering for community schools and students with physical/mental disabilities. A great way to engage with the local community, understand the culture and local life of China and also travel around the country on weekends to craft the perfect blend of volunteer traveling in the country.


9. Philippines


Volunteer in the Philippines and make a difference in projects located in and around Tacloban city; including Public Health Nutrition, Teaching Program, Childcare and Medical Volunteer Project at rural clinics. It would be a great opportunity for gap year travelers as well as high school/ college students to acquire useful international work experience along with doing some impactful volunteer work.


10. Malaysia

Volunteering at the Malacca Zoo

Volunteer in Malaysia with Volunteering Solutions, which offers a great option for affordable & meaningful volunteer abroad opportunities. It’ll be a perfect option for nature lovers and conservation enthusiasts, as you’ll get to choose between Borneo Wildlife Safari & Volunteering Experience and the Sun Bear Conservation Volunteering Project. Both the projects will offer a wholesome experience of living amidst nature and soak in the captivating wilderness of the Borneo Region.

From learning about the animals dwelling in the rainforests, their lives and how to conserve their natural habitat to enjoying the beautiful destination of Sabah in Borneo, head to Malaysia for a perfect blend of short-term and impactful travel experience.

It’s finally time to head to Asia for that volunteering trip abroad that you’ve long been planning. And if you still cannot decide on which country to head to, you could take our quiz and finally take a call.

Feel free to drop us a message at [email protected] to get started on your trip.

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