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Volunteer in Philippines

In Philippines, Volunteering Solutions (VolSol) offers volunteer abroad programs in and around Tacloban city; on the island of Leyte. VolSol provides a range of volunteer opportunities in Philippines; including, Public Health Nutrition, Teaching – Elementary Education, Childcare – Orphanage and, hospital volunteer project at rural medical clinics.

Volunteering in Philippines is a great opportunity for gap year travelers and overseas volunteers to acquire useful international work experience. This will not only help them in propelling their career prospects, but also will provide some really life-changing experiences.

Being one of the largest archipelagos in the world, Philippines is a heaven for volunteer travelers; especially, who love blue ocean waters and beaches. Our international volunteers can use their weekends for traveling around the city or for making short excursions.

The country has a lot to offer for the travelers with its rich cultural history, beautiful beaches, rainforests and volcanoes. It is a great destination for travelers looking to get off the beaten path and explore a new location.

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