Where to Volunteer Abroad With Animals in 2020


“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”

These words by Anatole France is a clear indication of how much importance do animals have for the humankind. The love and affection for one’s pets is something that can be found at most places, however, there are a few countries which go beyond the limits to make sure that not just the domestic but even their wildlife species get a peaceful environment to sustain in. Volunteering Solutions gives you the list of several such animal-friendly countries and the projects you, too, can be a part of. Take a look:


1. India

India Elephant project Jaipur

No list of animal-friendly countries in the world is complete without India. A country with not just a storming high pet index (number of pets adopted), but where animals are worshipped as well. India, with its colorful lifestyle and picturesque landscape, is a great volunteering destination for animal lovers.

Project Available: Golden Triangle and Elephant Experience


2. Thailand

Elephant camp in Chiang mai Thailand

This one must, certainly, not come as a surprise. Thailand is worldwide known for its love, affection, and respect for elephants. Just like in India, elephants are the animals which are worshiped in Thailand. They hold a very high cultural as well as historical significance in the country. This is a specially recommended destination to travel to volunteer abroad for animal lovers.

Projects Available: Elephant Camp Project (Chiang Mai)


3. Australia

Conservation Volunteering in Australia

No introductions there. With an immense number of species of marine as well as land animals, Australia holds a gamut of wildlife and have equally high reverence for them. From adorable koala bears and perky kangaroos, to strong and tough alligators as well as dingoes; Australians like to live amidst a varied wildlife.

Projects Available: Conservation Volunteering Program (several different cities)


4. South Africa

wildlife reserve in South Africa

If there is one thing for which the entire African continent is known for, it is the wildlife sanctuaries and the safaris; South Africa plays a huge role in that. The country is the home to the BIG 5 of Africa (Rhino, Lion, Leopard, Elephant, and Cape Buffalos) and a myriad of travelers visit the country to get a glimpse of them. However, when volunteering in South Africa, you don’t stay mere spectators, but get to live with them while working for their welfare.

Projects Available: Wildlife Reserve Volunteering Program (Port Elizabeth)


5. Costa Rica

turtle conservation in costa rica

What do you expect from a nation whose one third area is covered with protected jungle and has dense rainforest area populated with some amazing wildlife; such as the spider monkey and the quetzal birds. Costa Rica is most certainly a paradise for animal lovers, as one may find a plethora of species to encounter and spend time with. And along with the wildlife, even the love for domestic animals is quite significant with a number of families holding pets.

Projects Available: Wildlife & Rescue Center Volunteering and Turtle Conservation Program (San Jose)



6. Spain

marine conservation in Spain

The European stalwart is known to house some of the most endangered wildlife in the world; including the Iberian Lynx, the Hierro Giant Lizard and Spengler’s Freshwater Mussels. The Spanish government has initiated several stringent projects to save and protect its wildlife. Apart from this, one can witness the love and affection towards domestic animals as well

Projects Available: Conservation Program and Marine Conservation Program (Valencia Region)


7. Sri Lanka

elephant project in Sri Lanka

Seems like there is something about Asian countries and love for animals, especially, elephants. Just like its immediate neighbors, India and Thailand, Sri Lanka too counts in several lists of animal friendly countries in the world. The pious land whose majority of population practice Buddhism is also known for its love and reverence towards elephants.

Projects Available:  Elephnat Volunteer Work At Galle


As Mahatma Gandhi once said, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

Are you an animal enthusiast too? Then be a part of the conservation team and help protect these wonderful species, while enjoying the charismatic culture and lifestyle of the destination. For registration details and more, get in touch at [email protected]

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