Fantastic Reasons to Pursue International Medical Internships

You might want to consider a medical internship abroad for many reasons. Perhaps you want to gain experience in a new country, learn a new language, or broaden your horizons.  Whatever your reasons, there are many great opportunities available for […]

  • 3 Oct 2022

What Are the Benefits of Doing Medical Volunteer Work Abroad?

Contrary to popular belief, medical students don’t study to earn much money. Many of them study because they want to help others. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, doctors and nurses worldwide made great sacrifices to help patients and others in […]

  • 23 Jul 2022

The Importance of Medical Volunteering & Its Benefits

Medical volunteering is an important part of healthcare. It is a responsibility that we all must take on to improve the field of medicine globally. When a physician—a highly trained and specialised professional—volunteers to lend their time, knowledge, and expertise […]

  • 31 May 2022

The Best Countries You Can Go to for Medical Internships

It’s no secret that everyone has a dream job. For some people, it’s working in the medical field. After all, helping others heal from their ailments gives one a tremendous sense of accomplishment. For this reason, many people strive to […]

  • 7 May 2022

4 Benefits of Volunteering in a Hospital

Volunteering in the hospital can be one of the most enjoyable ways to prepare yourself for a career in the health care field, and it can also help you gain an edge over other candidates when you are seeking a […]

  • 7 May 2022

12 Best Medical Volunteer Abroad Programs For 2022 – 2023

Are you a medical student or a professional, looking forward to volunteering at a healthcare center in a faraway land and making a difference by treating people? There are several countries around the world where the medical facilities aren’t well […]

  • 26 Jan 2022

11 Recommended Pre-Med Volunteering Programs Abroad For 2022 – 2023

If you are a pre-med student wondering how to gain first-hand work experience, then we have the perfect medical volunteering programs to offer you. Volunteering Solutions provides the best and affordable projects in 11 countries including the Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, […]

  • 25 Oct 2020
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