Childcare Volunteer Abroad Programs
Childcare Volunteer Abroad Programs

Childcare Volunteer Abroad Programs

Be a part of Childcare Volunteer programs with Volunteering Solutions and make a difference in the lives of children from underprivileged communities, spending time with them. This is the best way forward when it comes to imagining a better future for the world and working towards it. With childcare volunteering opportunities available across 25 countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Europe, volunteers will get to engage meaningfully with the locals, learn a new language, meet other fellow volunteers from across the globe and experience the benefits of civic engagement. 

As a volunteer in the childcare projects, volunteers get to: 

  • Do volunteer work with children in a kindergarten, school, special needs center, or care center for mothers and babies
  • Work closely with kids - teach them, design fun games for them, help in making their meals, feed them, and engage them with learning and playful activities
  • Learn about the Early Childhood Development and needs of mothers with a dual burden of childcare and making a living 
  • Raise funds for the center and long term sustainability of the childcare center 
  • Engage with the local community, learn a new language and interact with all stakeholders of children’s development 


“I spent a month volunteering at Makimei Children’s Home in Kenya, an orphanage where 68 babies live. I am very grateful to have come to this place, I’ll take the best memories of the children and their smiling faces. I got a lot of appreciation from the women who run the orphanage and that’s priceless. No doubt a part of me will stay back in this place. What an unforgettable experience!” Coti Visintini (Argentina) Orphanage Program Kenya

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