Why Choose Volunteering Solutions?

Why Choose Volunteering Solutions?

Experience Experience

Volunteering Solutions has been operating since 2007 & currently, we're spread across 5 continents, providing meaning volunteering opportunities, internship programs, mission trips & learning journeys! Our efficient and experienced team members ensure that the journey of each participant turns out to be an incredible experience, while the host communities are benefitted in the best possible manner.

Affordability Affordability

The starting cost for our volunteer programs is $200 which includes all the basic benefits that are required. The majority of our volunteers are students from high schools & colleges, gap year travelers & backpackers, and thus, we aim to keep the costs affordable. The program fee that you'll pay includes your Pre-Departure Guidance, airport pickup, accommodation & meals, program orientation, and placement. The experience you'll gain will be priceless!

Support Support

Yeah, you got that right! We have our Team Members in every destination across the globe, providing 24*7 support! This is just to ensure the safety and security of the volunteers & interns so that you can have a smooth journey & a meaningful experience. Our coordinators will be there to receive you at the airport when you'll reach, guide you about the country's culture & help you with your volunteer work as well. They'll always be a call away and you can reach out to them whenever you need!

Variety Variety

Currently, we've more than 250 programs in over 25 destinations across the world. From volunteering with children to working with underprivileged women, serving at a healthcare center to protecting the wildlife - we have it all for you! The aim is to make a larger impact on society, with the invaluable contribution & cooperation of the volunteers.

Sustainability Sustainability

A volunteering trip abroad is another step out of the box, which will help you to contribute towards changing the world. Your skills & knowledge has the potential to help the host communities to live a better life and head towards sustainable development. Apart from that, you can be a responsible traveler by reducing plastic usage & clearing the beach-trash, protecting the marine & wildlife, planting more trees, and sharing some love with Mother Nature.

Trust-worthy Trust-worthy

We've hosted more than 15,000 volunteers and interns over the last decade and each of them has returned back with incredible experiences and everlasting memories. Needless to say, we are trusted by travelers from across the globe and are thriving to be better with each passing day. Our volunteers have highly rated us on platforms like GoOverseas, Volunteer Forever as well as on Facebook. We are also a permanent member of the WYSE Travel Confederation since the beginning, we have been attending WYSTC conference over the years, to discuss our goals and also, to reach out to a much wider base of travelers.

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