Volunteer for the Disabled Care & Special Need Program with Volunteering Solutions and take care of children, most of whom have mental and physical disabilities. Projects are available in India, China & Peru. Volunteers need to be extremely patient and empathetic towards the children while showering them with adequate love & care. Your main focus should be on the well being of these special kids. While this is one of the most challenging volunteering programs, it is undoubtedly the most satisfying as well. 

kids engaged in mindful games, teach them basic lessons, help them in making crafts and paintings, and carry out activities through which they can learn valuable lessons. 

Responsibilities at the project include: 

  • Keeping kids engaged in mindful games, teaching them basic lessons
  • Assist in helping to make crafts and paintings
  • Carry out activities through which they can learn valuable lessons
  • Assist the caretaking staff in administrative work of the center(s) 

Disabled Care & Special Need Volunteer Abroad Programs

Special Needs Care Program India Delhi | Disabled Care
  • 1-18 Weeks
  • 17 years+

Volunteers working in this program can help mentally challenged, children with multiple disabilities and autistic children. assisting the local...

Volunteer with Disabled Children Peru Cusco | Disabled Care
  • 1-24 Weeks
  • 18 years+

Volunteer with disabled children in Cusco - Peru to work in a local school for mentally challenged and deaf students, teaching the kids, playing...

Horse Patrolling and Environmental Conservation Portugal Porto | Environment Conservation
  • 1-12 Weeks
  • 18 years+

Volunteers are placed in an NGO focused on supporting the local community through environmental education and conservation projects, supporting...

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