Your Volunteering Experience Abroad Can Help You Gain Academic Credits

Ahoy! You can now gain Academic Credits for Volunteering Abroad with us!

Volunteering Solutions, in association with the Centre for Global Citizenship Studies (CGCS), has created a new fully accredited International Volunteering Diploma. This is an accredited international credit-bearing qualification that combines volunteering with academic study for an immersive service-learning experience abroad.

This online program is meant to assist you before, during, and after your volunteering journey. What’s more is that once you have completed this course and your volunteering endeavor, you will be able to gain academic credit that can assist you in a variety of ways in your career ahead.

Gaining any academic knowledge is always a good thing, but we feel that doing this course as an add-on to your practical volunteer experience will make the whole experience even more enjoyable. A Level 3 Qualification is the same level as a UK A-level (Final High School year). After completion of our Diploma program, students will graduate with the official accredited recognized qualification.

Now, you can improve your CV/Resume while making an impact.



What Are The Key Benefits?

You'll gain internationally recognized academic credits while you volunteer abroad

It'll be an opportunity for you to understand the cultural, social, political, and religious impacts of volunteering

You'll be a step ahead of your peers as well as make a mark to the employers with an accredited diploma qualification on your resume

You'll get to study at your own pace while volunteering abroad

How Can I Transfer My Academic Credit?

The International Volunteering Diploma is a level 3 diploma, accredited by the National Open College Network (NOCN) in the UK. While the course is based in the UK, all credits are transferable internationally regardless of where you are from and what university or college you attend.

The NOCN Level 3 Diploma in International Volunteering is a 41 credit qualification (Value of up to 21 credits in Europe, on the SCH Scheme). In the US, this qualification would be equal to 10 academic credits. For the rest of the world, the number of academic credits you’ll earn will vary across countries but the academic value of the diploma should still be recognized and accepted by your university.

Who can do this?

Anyone can enroll in this International Volunteering Diploma Course and we can get you started on the course within a few days. However, you must be registered for a volunteer abroad program with Volunteering Solutions before you can begin. The cost would be US$850 per person.

Gaining academic credit is always beneficial, but doing this while volunteering can deepen your service-learning experience on many levels. The diploma combines academia, travel, sustainability, global citizenship, project management, and life experience - a unique combination of skills that will not only impress, but be formally recognized by universities and employers alike.

How to book?

Simply email us on and we would get you enrolled, after which we will send you the link to make the payment for the diploma fee. You can also let you know in the application form while booking your trip with us, if you are interested in completing the Diploma.

Here's a quick look at the module structure:

You can do each module at your own pace and since it's all online you can fit the learning around your schedule. We've also made the course interactive so you can engage with other volunteers who are doing the course at the same time as you. 

Module One - Preparing for an International Volunteering Placement

The goal of the module is to introduce you to the notion of culture and for you to understand your responsibilities as a volunteer. 

Module Two - Reviewing and Reflecting on your Selection as an International Volunteer

The goal of the module is to discuss the characteristics needed to be a successful volunteer. The module also helps you review and reflect on your volunteering placement. 

Module Three - Fundraising to Support an International Volunteering Placement 

The goal of the module is to develop your fundraising skills, if and when the need arises.  

Module Four - Undertaking an International Volunteering Placement 

This is the module you complete while you are on your placement. The goal of the module is to help you identify and successfully complete volunteer activities. 

Module Five - Reflecting on an International Volunteering Placement 

This module is to be completed when you return from your overseas placement. The goal of the module is to reflect on what you learned and experienced during your overseas adventure. 

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