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VolSol acts as the facilitator, the one who streamlines the process for volunteers, providing budgeted and flexible volunteer project placement to volunteers across the globe.

Holidays in Slums: Young volunteers help in India

Andre, Olivia and David have chosen schools in New Delhi as a resort instead of beaches and luxury hotels. There they do volunteer work - for which they even pay. They gain valuable experience which can help them later in their careers.

Connecting Students With International Organizations

Being an international volunteer and intern placement organization, VolSol helps volunteers get the NGO, social welfare project/program and internship of their choice.

The Hindu
The Hindu
21ST JULY 2015

The bonus in coming to a foreign country is being able to explore while helping out, a concept that is beginning to be known as volunteer tourism or ‘voluntourism

23RD OCT. 2015

Whether You Are A Small Start-Up Or An International Conglomerate The Benefits Of Employee Volunteering Are Huge. Not Only Does It Positively Affect Employee Retention, It Also Reduces Stress (And Consequently Sick Days), Increases Team Engagement And Spurs Initiative And Creativity

LFS Undergraduate Blog
LFS Undergraduate Blog
January 27, 2016

Volunteering Solutions is a complete volunteer travel and placement organization, with its headquarters in India. They provide exemplary and channelized volunteer abroad opportunities, which are safe, professional and affordable.

Benefits of Volunteering Under a Medical Program Abroad

Volunteering under a medical program is one of the most unique ways where you have the opportunity to share your knowledge in the field of medicine with those from different parts of the world. Whilst, majority of it remains similar globally, you are sure to learn something new from the fellow medical volunteer mate from a different soil.

Why Volunteering Abroad is One of The Most Experiential Way of Traveling and A Must for Solo Travel

Volunteering abroad is a way of traveling that is practiced mostly by gap year students to gain experience of traveling alone, explore new destinations, and witness the various shades of traditions and culture around the world.

Call for volunteers: Another step to make lives better in Africa

One of the leading international volunteer placement organizations, Volunteering Solutions, has announced its new set of projects in the capital city of Kampala, Uganda.The organization is calling out for international volunteers to take part in these programs and travel to make a difference in the society.

India School News
India School News
March 21, 2016

At Volunteering Solutions, we provide some tailor made, customized, volunteer programs; and summer volunteering is one of our most popular ones. Mostly it is the students, who have just finished their schools and are about to enter college life, that join this program.

The Crazy Mind

Volunteering abroad during gap year travel is a highly common practice exercised by students and travelers from US, UK and European countries. These gap year travelers are always on the lookout for genuine and meaningful volunteer programs. Mr. Sabharwal, at a young age of 24, conceptualised the idea of bridging this gap and, thus, formed Volunteering Travel Solutions.

More Teens Taking Gap Year For ‘Voluntourism’ in South Africa

Voluntourism’ is a becoming a more common practice among college and high school students, as well as backpackers, looking for a more local travel experience. For many students, like those in their ‘gap year,’ it is their first attempt at a solo trip abroad, especially because volunteer travel is one of the most affordable and safest ways to see the world.

Your Guide To Taking A Gap Year Abroad

Taking a gap year clears your mind from the societal pressures, and expands your horizon of thoughts. It helps you decide what you’re really good at and what is that one thing you enjoy the most doing.

Instead of Visiting Eiffel Tower, This Couple Visited an Orphanage in Nepal

Sarin Jeghelian and Sevag Demirjian, a couple from Beirut, Lebanon, had a life-changing experience in Nepal working together for the welfare of the poor and underprivileged children. They also got to know a magnificent country in a unique way– like a local.

How a Young Mind Conceptualized Volunteer Tourism as The Future of Traveling

Volunteering abroad is a concept that is mostly practiced by college and high school students during their gap year. The concept, however, is not just restricted to students, but many young adults and senior travelers take up volunteering during their travel expeditions

How Volunteering Can Give You Happiness

An academic study seems to suggest there’s a direct correlation between the level of happiness and volunteering. Contributing something to the society adds a purpose to life.

Two brothers from Delhi are on a pursuit to make volunteering a popular way to explore the world

Volunteering is considered a much more responsible way of travelling among seasoned world travellers,” says Saurabh Sabharwal, Founder, Volunteering Solutions, a 10-year-old startup.

The Experience of Volunteering Thailand is Worth A Million - Marlo Ve

I was on my gap year between high school and college and didn’t have anything planned for the last four months before school started. After two months of napping and watching every episode of ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ at home, I decided that it’s enough and I needed to get out of there! So I booked a volunteering trip to Thailand with Volunteering Solutions

My Trip to India That Made An Impact - Karen Padilla

It was in March of 2015 I took a decision that will certainly change my life completely, making me and letting me see things deep inside of us and we know, but unfortunately materialism and superficiality of society we cannot see. Clearly at that time I did not know the impact that would have on me, and feelings that would develop in the depths of my being. So in May 2015, after difficulties of paperwork, I began my journey, I went to a new world.

Volunteer to Care For Animals

For animal lovers, being surrounded by furry critters all the time is a moment of absolute bliss. And for those who still don’t know how it feels to work with animals, give yourself a chance to get closer to them.

Why Is It Important To Go Volunteering With Your Family Members?

One of the most satisfying and productive ways to unite as a family is through volunteering for any sort of community service projects. Volunteerism also sets a good example for others to get inspired by your actions.

5 Ways Volunteering Abroad Will Change Your College Life

While volunteer traveling abroad, you get to meet people from various countries, with different social backgrounds and ethics. You would not even realize, but by the end of your program you may have become friends with someone from Australia, or Italy, or Spain, or Germany; well the world is big enough and you got the point.

Over 50 and Overseas

Volunteering Solutions is a certified partner of WYSE Travel Confederation, and has placed more than 10,000 volunteers from different parts of the world in last 10 years of their operation.

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