Best Volunteering Abroad Destinations In Asia For 2023 – 2024


Wondering how to experience a meaningful vacation in 2023 – 2024?

There’s one set of people who might be thinking of traveling abroad to volunteer, but are not sure of where to go and what to do. There might be others who are still scared to travel alone and trying to convince friends to accompany on the trip. And there might be another set of people who are taking a break from the monotonous schedule and planning to travel with the family in 2023.

No matter which category you belong to, a volunteer trip to Asia would definitely suit your interests. A solo traveler, a couple on the go, a gap year student or a family trip abroad – Asia has something in store for everyone. Being one of the extensive and geographically diverse continents, there are several destinations worth exploring and you will have the option to give something back to society as well.

Here’s a list of the volunteering destinations in Asia that you travel to, in 2023 – 2024! Make sure to pick your favorite destination before it’s too late. 

(Most of the Asian nations have opened up their borders for fully vaccinated travelers, and you can reach out to us for more details)

Volunteer in India

volunteer in india

India is one of the most favored destinations for travelers of all ages. With the Himalayas in the north and the Indian Ocean in the south, the Thar Desert in the west and the Sundarbans in the east – India can never fail to mesmerize the visitors.

Being a volunteer, you can explore India extensively and be a part of the development that the country essentially is trying to achieve. There are numerous programs in India that Volunteering Solutions can provide you with – the Street Children Program in Delhi, the Medical Internship Program in Palampur, the Summer Volunteer Adventure Program are the most popular ones.

India has a huge number of kids dwelling in the streets and the orphanages, and it would be great if you can give some time and spread some love among them.

While your weekdays would have proper project schedules, you can make full use of your weekends to travel and our country coordinator will help you in planning your trips.

If you are planning to travel to India with your partner, what can be a better place than Taj Mahal – The Epitome of Love – to express your feelings?

Volunteer in Thailand

Volunteering Abroad Programs

Once known as ‘The Venice of East’ – Thailand has always been one of the most popular Southeast Asian nations which had a footfall of 6 million travelers in 2015. With the vibrant nightlife in Bangkok to serene beaches at Koh Samui – Thailand has a lot to offer to everyone visiting this archipelago.

With Volunteering Solutions, traveling to Thailand would be even more exciting as you’ll get to volunteer and teach the young monks in Chiang Mai, play with the kids at an orphanage in Bangkok or feed the elephants at the camp in Surin. Vol Sol would provide you accommodation (homestays) in such a way that you can be in touch with the locals, and learn about their culture and language.

And not to forget – Thai cuisine! It is always great to try the lip-smacking Khao suey or the Red Thai Curry with loads of seafood. Not only will you get to taste them, but you can also learn to cook the authentic Thai dishes.

You can take a quick look at the Comprehensive Guidebook and find out more about volunteering in Thailand.

Volunteer in Cambodia

volunteering in Cambodia with kids

Another beautiful Southeast Asian nation, located on the east of Thailand is Cambodia – the ancient land where the Khmer Dynasty once ruled.

Cambodia is one of the safest Asian countries for solo travelers and backpackers. With Volunteering Solutions, you’ll get to see Cambodia differently. The country has much more than the Angkor Wat, and our in-country coordinator will assist you in planning your trip.

If you are a lover of history and ancient architecture, then Cambodia should be the place to visit in 2023. One can never get tired of seeing those ruins which would give goosebumps, and absolutely fill your heart with content.

Due to the unstable past and immense turmoils, Cambodia is still trying to cope up with its societal drawbacks, and therefore your contribution as a volunteer would be immensely appreciated. All our programs are in the capital city of Phnom Penh, and you can choose any program that suits your skills.

Volunteer in Nepal

volunteer in nepal

The little Himalayan landlocked country is nothing less than paradise. Housing the world’s highest peak, Mt.Everest – Nepal has always been on the checklist of mountain lovers. If you want to spend some time amidst eerie silence and get closer to nature, then you should definitely consider traveling to Nepal in 2023.

It would be the best place to unfold yourself and breathe in some freshness that would help you to restart your life with much more vivacity!

You can join a teaching program or a medical internship or an orphanage project in Kathmandu, and contribute effectively towards the society, which faced a massive earthquake in 2015, and is still trying to recover from the loss.

Nepal has a lot of adventure sports’ options – from trekking in the Himalayas, to paragliding and bungee jumping – and you can go for all of them at a very affordable cost. Traveling in Nepal with Volunteering Solutions would enable you to know the locals more closely, and explore the country as a responsible traveler.

Nepal is the perfect destination for those who are planning to go for a family volunteering trip in 2023.

Volunteer in Sri Lanka

turtle conservation sri lanka

Sri Lanka is very popular as a volunteer destination among gap year travelers and international students from all across the world. This little ‘tear-drop’ shaped island on the Indian Ocean is immensely gorgeous.

Volunteers who are interested to work in Sri Lanka can choose from an array of options that are available, and they would get to travel to the best destinations in the country – from Colombo to Kandy.

The best volunteer programs in Sri Lanka are – Turtle Conservation in Galle, Elephant camp and Community Development in Kegalle, Buddhist Monks Teaching in Galle, etc. Medical students can also opt for the Medical Volunteering program in Sri Lanka. For those who have a time crunch, can choose to join the 1 Week Special program and explore the country while volunteering. The projects in Sri Lanka will not only help you to work for the locals, but you’ll have ample scope of learning the Sinhalese language and to cook authentic cuisines.

Volunteer in Vietnam

volunteering in vietnam

Those who have visited Vietnam would certainly agree to the fact that it is one of the most underrated destinations in the world. With the kind of laid back lifestyle, extra-ordinary ecosystem, and fun-loving people it has, Vietnam is only as experiential and opulent.

The country, though, has had a demotivating past, but things have changed now and Vietnam has turned into a beautiful destination for traveling & volunteering. One can choose from a variety of projects to volunteer in Vietnam according to their skill sets that include Childcare, Medical Healthcare, and Teaching English. Volunteers will be placed in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, where all the volunteer projects are offered in the country. For those who wish to spend 2 weeks and experience the best of Vietnam, can sign up for the Special Voluntour Program & make a difference while exploring.

Volunteer in Bali, Indonesia

volunteer in bali

One of the most beautiful regions of South East Asia, Volunteering Solutions facilitates projects in Ubud and Tianyar in an effort to meet the needs of the locals to its optimum level. Volunteering opportunities include Marine and Coral Reef Conservation Program, Teaching, and Kindergarten Volunteering program as well.

Other than the volunteer work, participants can explore the beaches, numerous islands, gorgeous temples and the lush green countryside of Bali. Soak in the authentic vibes of the land, binge on the delicious local cuisine, indulge in knowing the Balinese culture & experience a volunteering vacation like never before!

Volunteer in The Philippines

medical volunteering in Philippines

Wish to explore a country that’s seldom visited by tourists, yet has a lot in store for travelers? Maybe now is the time to make a choice and explore this country in the Far East. Volunteer in the Philippines and make a difference in the lives of the people. The projects are located in and around Tacloban city; including Public Health Nutrition, Teaching Program, Childcare and Medical Volunteer Project at rural clinics.

It would be a great opportunity for gap year travelers as well as high school/ college students to acquire useful international work experience along with doing some impactful volunteer work. This will not only help them in propelling their career prospects but also provide some real life-changing insights.

Volunteer in Malaysia

Borneo Wildlife Safari & Volunteering Experience

If you’ve always thought that the concentration of wildlife is only in Africa, then you’re absolutely wrong! Come to this part of Southeast Asia, where the rainforests are full of orangutans, sun bears, pangolins, sambar deer, mouse deer, Borneo pygmy elephants and more. Set out for a volunteering journey in Malaysia and experience the goodness! It’ll be a perfect option for nature lovers and conservation enthusiasts, as you’ll get to choose between Borneo Wildlife Safari & Volunteering Experience and the Sun Bear Conservation Volunteering Project. Both projects will offer a wholesome experience of living amidst nature and soak in the captivating wilderness of the Borneo Region.

From learning about the animals dwelling in the rainforests, their lives and how to conserve their natural habitat to enjoying the beautiful destination of Sabah in Borneo, head to Malaysia for a perfect blend of short-term and impactful travel experience. Volunteering Solutions has also curated an amazing Family Volunteering Program in Malaysia, meant for those who wish to take a trip abroad with their little ones!

Are you still in a fix regarding where to travel in Asia in 2023?

You can also write to us at [email protected] and our Program Advisors will soon get back to you! In 2023, set out for an adventure like never before & make a difference!

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