Internships in Greece
Internships in Greece

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As an intern in Greece, you will get to work at the hospitals and clinics in Athens. Interns get hands-on clinical experience and get to observe and experience the healthcare system in this beautiful European country.



Greece - Quick Facts

Start Dates : All Year Round

Duration : 2-12 Weeks

Program Locations : Athens & Thessaloniki

Minimum Age : 18 years+

Certificate : Offered after Program completion


At a Glance

Currency Used : Euro

Language : Greek & English

Travel on Weekends to: Santorini, Mykonos, Rhodes, Milos & Corfu

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Internships in Greece

Volunteering Solutions provides a bunch of impactful and affordable international internship programs in Greece, designed for Pre-med, Dental, Medical, and Nursing students eager to explore the beautiful country and embark on a medical mission trip, gaining hands-on experience while shadowing the professionals.

What work will I get to do as an intern?

Interns usually get to work at the local hospitals and clinics, where they can shadow the professionals and work closely with them, gaining practical experience. 

Why should I be a medical intern in Greece?

As an intern, you'll have the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals and gain valuable international work experience. You'll also gain insights into the healthcare system of Greece, and understand how medical experts function. Your contributions will make a difference in the lives of those in need of care and treatment. The internship opportunities in Greece are located in the historic city of Athens, where you can discover ancient ruins, art, philosophy, and culture. These programs will be extremely beneficial for medical and nursing students, seeking international work experience.

Best International Internships in Greece

Weekend Travel Options

Almost all of our participants are very active in their free time and use the weekends to travel. The local on site team in Greece have plenty of tips for you on worthwhile destinations and are happy to advise you on organizational issues, such as public transport.In Greece you might have the option to leave the island to explore the villages on the mainland or our team can help to organize some snorkeling. After completing the program you can keep a few days to explore the other locations in Greece. Some of the recommended options are given below.

Kafelonia in GreeceKefalonia 

Kefalonia is an island in the Ionian Sea west of the mainland. Kefalonia is known for its green mountains, beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters. Carrying a rich history in cultural tradition, it is the biggest of all of the Ionian Islands. Famous for its cuisine, traditional villages, pristine beaches and vibrant nightlife, the island really does have something for everyone.





Acropolis in Athens, GreeceThe Acropolis – Athens

The Acropolis in Athens is the most famous city fortress in ancient Greece and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The complex is impressively enthroned on the highest elevation near the city. The word Acropolis comes from ancient Greek and means something like "Hochstadt" or "Oberstadt". The landmark of Athens on the limestone cliff above the city center is the most famous building in the Greek capital.




Beautiful beach on Crete island in GreeceCrete

Crete is the largest Greek island and, together with Cyprus, the sunniest island in the Mediterranean. The paradise island seduces you with 300 hours of sunshine a year and invites you to a beach holiday. But it is also worthwhile to put the numerous cultural sights on the to do list. Probably the most important one at the top: The Palace of Knossos, closely followed by the Arkadi Monastery near Rethymnon and the Archaeological Museum Heraklion.



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