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Volunteers are placed in urban and rural communities in and around the project locations where they would teach English as well as other subjects to the local children. As a volunteer you will be teaching English and other subjects such as Mathematics, Geography and General Knowledge to the children. The knowledge, skills and ideas that volunteers from other cultures can bring to a Ghanaian student is invaluable for the students.

Teaching Project volunteers in Ghana mainly teach to local children in village schools. Although English is the official language of Ghana, the children rarely get to learn from non-Ghanaian speakers of the language.

Volunteers do NOT have to be native speakers of English but willing to volunteer in a village to help children who are ready to learn. Volunteers will receive assistance from the local Volunteering Solutions coordinators and the local school regarding the lesson plans and teaching curriculum. You could well find yourself teaching groups of children in an ‘open-air classroom’ where there are no chalkboards and the children have no books or pencils. The need for improvisation & creativity in teaching methods is paramount and can challenge the most experienced teacher, but the rewards are amazing.
Volunteers work for around 5 hrs in a day for 5 days in a week. Volunteers can bring along teaching materials such as picture books, instruments, flash cards, art supplies, and songs. Classes are generally in session five days a week.

Volunteer tasks under the teaching program in Ghana

The tasks and daily work of volunteers under the teaching volunteering program in Ghana varies and depends on the requirements at the schools. This may include, but not limited to;
  • Work as a teacher assistant in the placement and assist the current teachers and staff.
  • Teach various elementary subject; such as English, Maths, Geography and Science to the students. 
  • Bring interesting teaching materials, books, stationery, flashcards and games which can be helpful in teaching students in a play way method.
  • Design a proper study module for the children to follow.
  • Involve students in out–of–the–class activities to teach them the importance of physical activity

Teaching volunteer program volunteer schedule

Volunteering Solutions provide accommodation in Tamale with a local host family. The schedule for the volunteers remains as follows;

Saturday    -    Arrival at Accra 

Sunday        -    Transfer to Tamale + showing around the accommodation neighborhood 

Monday    -    Orientation + introduction to the placement (commute + local staff + kids + 
            places to eat, etc.). Orientation session will be conducted by the local 
            coordinator, covering topic areas; such as safety, culture, language, places to 
            visit, behaviour, food, and other suggestion over things to do in Ghana.

Tuesday to Fri    -    Volunteer work 
  • Breakfast - 06:00 am onwards (provided at the accommodation)
  • Working hours at the placement - 07:00am to 01:00 pm
  • Lunch - 02:00 pm to 03:00 pm (volunteers need to manage lunch on their own)
  • Dinner - 06:30 pm to 07:30 pm (provided at the accommodation)
The same volunteer work schedule continues from the second week onwards 

Weekends    -    Free to explore the city and take short excursions trip to some of the best
hotspots in and around Tamale, such as;
  • Mole National Park 
  • Monkey Sanctuary 
  • Kintampo Falls
  • Learn about their elaborate festivals, the local cuisine comprising of Banku and Fufu - Ghana's most famous dishes, their colorful dresses and the music and dances.

Note: Please note, the schedule may vary depending on the particular project the volunteer is participating on.

Ghana Program Booking
Volunteers can begin their project placement on any Start Date given below. Volunteers need to book their flights to arrive on the dates mentioned below.
Volunteering Solutions Ghana Reviews
Tamale, Ghana
Emma Kenrick

I enjoyed meeting the other volunteers in the house and making friends with the locals, experiencing the local way of living..

Tamale, Ghana
Line Moeller Mikkelsen

I enjoyed my placement very much. It was fantastic and I definitely felt that they liked my presence and my work..

Tamale, Ghana
August von Lehmann

If you want to go to Ghana you don't need to be afraid. There are always people helping you and the medical supply is very good too. I am really happy that I came to Ghana and hopefully I can go there again..

Tamale, Ghana
Robert Pruna Guillen

The best thing was knowing another culture and living one month there to see it well. Also I've loved met new people, volunteers and local people. .

Tamale, Ghana
Thomas Hunt
(United Kingdom)

I feel as if I would have been far more helpful if there for a longer time and I wish I had been..

Tamale, Ghana
Nathalie Glocker

I enjoyed my working very much and it made me rich on experience as the children were very happy about my efforts. Yes the children were very happy about my efforts. .

Tamale, Ghana
Elizabeth Roughton
(United Kingdom)

First of all I liked the website as it has loads of information and other companies made it difficult to find information. I really enjoyed the two projects. I would definitely recommend the program..

Tamale, Ghana
Cody McElhinny
(United States)

The pre departure guide was very extensive and helpful. It covered all necessary information. I loved my program placement and the experience was enjoyable..

Tamale, Ghana
Sara Manso De Dios

i love my project and i am glad to have this amazing experience in Ghana. The house was safe and the meals were good..

Tamale, Ghana
Sara Przybysz

I had a great time at the placement. It was a great time to learn new things but also the time to share how the things are working in my home country..

Tamale, Ghana
Johanna Schlimpert

I very enjoyed working at my placement and I just wish I had some more time. The highlight of my volunteering trip was the first day when I went to the village and it was just amazing. .

Tamale, Ghana
Philip & Carolyn Huang
(United States)

We very much enjoyed working at our placements. We were able to get a nice mix of working at the Tamale Central Hospital as well as teach at a small village school and at the girls school. All placements provided opportunities to do productive work and make a difference..

Tamale, Ghana
Carey Lyddy
(United States)

I loved my program placement. The school girls are amazing and everyone in Ghana is friendly and welcoming. The highlight of my trip was definitely the girls at the program and the village tours/experience..

Tamale, Ghana
Seamus Daley-Dee
(United Kingdom)

I Loved my program placement. It was truly amazing once in a lifetime experience and I hope to come back. Everything I did in Ghana was highlight of my trip as it was a great experience. .

Tamale, Ghana
Benjamin Peper

I enjoyed working at my placement. Everyone was very helpful and polite. Me and the kids had a lot of fun and learnt a lot about the other cultures. There were lots of highlights in my 3 months with 3 months in Tamale..

Tamale, Ghana
Solange Etessami
(United States)

I very much enjoyed my placement. The girls were very sweet and eager to learn. The highlight of my volunteer trip was teaching, going to the baby orphanage and the trips during the weekends. It was also great getting to know all the other volunteers. .

Tamale, Ghana
Mazelle Etessami
(United States)

I very much enjoyed working with girls and it is a great place as was the orphanage. I really don't think I could say as cheesy as it sounds but I really loved every moment. I wish I didn't have to leave. .

Tamale, Ghana
Ava Dark
(United States)

I absolutely enjoyed working at my projects, especially the orphanage. It was very refreshing and rewarding to work with children. The students were very passionate about learning and it was a pleasure to teach them. .

Tamale, Ghana
Stephanie Knockaert

I enjoyed my program placement very much; once I was able to pick the place. I very much enjoyed getting to know the kids. I taught at the village, the moments when I was able to teach them something they have never learned before were extremely rewarding..

Tamale, Ghana
Mareike Hochner

I would definitely recommend everyone to volunteer in Ghana. It's a great experience, no one should miss. In no other way you can learn about a foreign culture so well..

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