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Be a part of the 2 Weeks Special Volunteer Program in Ghana and experience the beauty of the land like never before! This program had been designed for those who wish to spend a short time in Ghana, contributing towards a meaningful social cause and explore the wildlife scenario that the country has in store. Volunteers will be working in and around Tamale, teaching in local schools and occasionally engaging in community development work.

You'd also get to meet some amazing volunteers from other parts of the world. There will be an immense scope of peer learning and together, you can make a big difference to the lives of the Ghanaians. It'll also be an incredible opportunity for you to know more about their life and culture as well

Program Schedule
Duration: 2 weeks
Dates: 1st and 3rd Monday of every Month
Arrive at: Kotoka International Airport (Accra).
Working Days: Monday – Friday – 5 days a week, 7-8 hours in a day
Travel and Tourism Tours: Travel/Sightseeing for 3 days included in Cost
Program Location – Tamale, capital of the northern region of Ghana. The program is based in the Northern region of Ghana in a city called Tamale. Tamale is the capital of the Northern Region of Ghana, with a population of 3,305,000 (2008). It is mostly populated by Dagomba people who speak Dagbani language. It is located in the northern part of the country, where the land is savanna, consisting of grasslands with drought-resistant trees. The city is like a conglomeration of villages, with many people living in traditional mud-brick houses. While the majority of the houses are roofed with corrugated iron sheets, a good number of them are roofed with grass.

Program Details

There are tens of thousands of girls in the city who have dropped out of school and some parents have refused to send their female children to school. Volunteers will be volunteering with a project which is designed to prepare deprived girls, such as those described above, to go to school. The main aim of the project is to provide them with the educational support and vocational training required to help them become ambitious and important members of the Ghanaian workforce. 
The learning center has girls in the age group of 7-18 years and around 40-50 younger students are taught basic skills in English, Maths, Social Studies and Religious & Moral Education. There is also a vocational programme for teaching 10 older students basic sewing techniques and preparing them for an apprenticeship in a professional sewing shop in town.
Volunteers on this program will enjoy a rewarding experience by assisting the teachers to deliver lessons. During the mornings you’ll be working with smaller groups of students helping them with their reading, writing and numeracy skills. There may be occasions when you’ll be asked to teach one of the classes yourself but you’ll be fully supported if this happens. 
In the afternoons you’ll have the opportunity to support the ex-students who are now attending state school, helping them with their homework and reading and writing skills. 
This project is popular with volunteers because it allows them to be entirely creative in their teaching style and use of materials, and actively encourages new ideas for improvement and development. If you come on this program you’ll undoubtedly fall in love with the students and return to Ghana again.
Tour Programs

Northern Ghana Wildlife Tour: - After breakfast with the host family, volunteers set off towards the villages of Boebeng and Fiema. These two villages help protect the black and white colobus and mona monkeys, which the locals perceive as sacred, that live in the surrounding forests. We tour the village while interacting with the locals and learning about their history and traditions. In the afternoon we visit the majestic Kintampo Waterfalls and spend the night in Kintampo Town. 
Wildlife Viewing Tour: - After breakfast, we head off from Kintampo to Mole National Park, Ghana’s largest and best game viewing park. An afternoon foot safari will provide close-up views of African Elephants, the world’s largest land mammal. In the evening, we marvel at the wildlife from the viewing platform which overlooks a busy and exciting waterhole, while relaxing in the hotel.

Note: There can be changes in the Tour Program itinerary as it is subject to local conditions.
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Program Requirements

Volunteers must be 17 years or older at the time of joining the project. Participants should have an open mind and flexible attitude for working in a new and different environment. Volunteers need to be flexible, open-minded and have a passion for working with children. You should also be proactive and have the ability to take initiative. All volunteers must provide a clean criminal background check report prior to joining the program. A parental consent form shall be required for Under 18 participants joining the program.


Volunteering Solutions strives to provide best of the living and other arrangements to its volunteers. Like we keep saying, just pack your bags and arrive at your placement destination. From your airport pickup, stay, meals, weekend tours and other nitty gritties, VolSol manages everything for you.

Airport Transfer

You will be met by our representative at Kotoka International Airport in Accra from where you are transferred to your project location. Volunteers will stay overnight in Accra at hotel accommodation provided by Volunteering Solutions and travel to Tamale the next day. For those volunteers who are arriving in Accra in the morning, you can also take a connecting flight to Tamale directly from Accra. You will be met at Tamale airport and transferred to your accommodation in that case.


Volunteers will be staying at a standard Ghanaian volunteer homestay managed by the local program coordinator. In case space is not available in the volunteer home, you will be accommodated with a Ghanaian Host family. Accommodation is either provided in an individual or shared room along with other volunteer. By staying with a family you will experience the local Ghanaian culture, language customs and traditions. There are separate rooms for male and female volunteers with shared toilet facilities. Participants should note that living is of basic standard and you should not expect luxuries. Power cuts are common in Ghana and most rural houses do not have running water during times of drought. Bedding is provided, however, volunteers need to bring their own towels and mosquito nets (these can also be purchased in Ghana). Air conditioning is available in the volunteer house and the participants need to pay the extra charge to avail the facility in the country.


An orientation and briefing session will be provided by your local coordinator. Areas like culture, safety, locations, transportation are covered in the Orientation. After your orientation is over, you will be introduced to your project and also given a tour of the local market and town of Tamale.


Volunteers are provided with 2 meals (breakfast and dinner) at the host family house. Ghanaian cuisine consists primarily of starches, soups, beans, meat, and fish. The Starches consist mainly of rice and doughy balls made from mashed cassava, plantain or yams.  Famous Ghanaian dishes include Banku and Fufu.

During your Free Time

On the weekends you can head out to explore places such as Mole National Park and Monkey Sanctuary. Volunteers also visit Paga to visit Crocodile Park or further south to Cape Coast to enjoy the beaches. On weekdays, participants have free time in the evenings and spend time relaxing at their accommodation or socializing with other volunteers and the local people.

Program Cost

Please Note: -An application fee of $199 is charged over and above the program fee as an application payment. (A 4% international banking fee is charged at the time of payment)

What are you Paying for?

  • Comprehensive pre-departure guide
  • Assistance from support staff and In-country program coordinator
  • Airport pickup from Kotoka international airport in Accra 
  • Pre-Program accommodation in Accra in a hotel/guesthouse
  • Pickup from Tamale airport and transfer to accommodation
  • Program orientation
  • Accommodation with host family
  • 2 meals a day during volunteering period
  • Volunteering in Tamale Region
  • Weekend Trip to Mole National Park and Kintampo Falls
  • Certificate Of Completion (Upon Request)

What's NOT included?

  • International/Domestic Airfare
  • Visa fees 
  • Travel insurance (available at nominal cost)
  • Local transportation to and fro program location
  • Departure transfer to airport (can be arranged at additional cost)
  • Vaccinations
  • Any other personal expenses

Program Dates

Months 2021 2022
January 0216 0822
February 0620 0519
March 0620 0519
April 0317 0216
May 0115 0721
June 0519 0418
July 0317 0216
August 0721 0620
September 0418 0317
October 0216 0115
November 0620 0519
December 0418 0317

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FAQ's Application and Program Details

As we have limited spots available in our programs and we serve on first come first basis, it is recommended that potential volunteers book their programs well in advance to get confirmed placements. You can book your slot by filling the application form online and pay the application fee.You can pay your program fee later and also, in installments, however,  the complete payment should be made 45 days prior the start of the program.  If you are volunteering in a group, you can also fill a group application form.

After you complete your application, your personalized ‘My Account’ will be active.You will need to upload your CV/Resume along with your photo in the same. Our backend team and the placement site takes around 10-12 days to review your application. After we review your CV and documents, your booking is confirmed and booking confirmation is updated in your ‘My Account’. Some projects need a mandatory criminal background check and the same is mentioned in the project info of your program. Approval of your application depends on your qualification and eligibility criteria for each project.
Below are the necessary requirements to participate in the Ghana volunteer projects:
Volunteers must be 17 years or older at the time of joining the project. The minimum age requirement for Medical Program in Ghana is 18 years. One must be a medical student or have a medical background to take part in the Medical programs. All medical program participants need to provide a copy of their certifications/ credentials.
Need to have an open mind and flexible attitude for working in a new and different environment.
The volunteer should bring energy and enthusiasm to make a difference.
Must be in good health.
We encourage our participants to volunteer in a group. We take special care in providing you a placement and also customize your itinerary to make sure you get exactly what you are looking for. Also, we can design special group programs for groups of 5 or more. Our programs are designed to be safe, affordable and offer a great group volunteering experience to the volunteers.
In our experience of more than 6+ years we have enabled and facilitated volunteer program placements for student groups- college groups, university groups, high school groups, group of families, group of couples as well as groups of colleagues.

Ghana is one of our popular destination among student groups and is highly recommended for family volunteering as well.
All our placements and accommodations are located in Tamale, the capital town of Northern Ghana. Tamale is the fourth largest city in Ghana and the fastest growing city in West Africa.
Yes, we will provide you with the Certificate after successful completion of your program. The certificate is provided on request.
If you are planning to come for multiple programs in your trip, you will have to pay the application fees just once. Your application fee is valid for a year's time (from the date of application). You will not have to pay the application fees again if you come within the mentioned time frame.

For our returning volunteers, $50 discount is provided for the application fee for their next Vol Sol program. 
Volunteers usually work for 5 to 6 hours a day for 5 days a week depending on their program needs. You will have the weekend off to explore in and around the city. However, volunteers need to be flexible, open minded and understand that work requirements can change as well on certain occasions.
Flights and Visa
All participants joining the programs in Ghana need to apply for Visa at the nearest Ghana Embassy. Along with the Visa application, you need to attach the required supporting documents. Volunteers are provided with all the necessary supporting document for their Ghana Visa application. More information shall be provided after you enroll yourself for our programs.
Kotoka International Airport in Accra has direct connections from North America and Europe. Delta Airlines, KLM Dutch Airlines, TAP Portugal, Turkish Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways, British Airways are some of the major airlines that have direct connections to Ghana.
Tamale is well connected to Accra having daily flights between the two cities. You need to book your flight to Accra. The domestic flight from Accra to Tamale will be booked by our in-country program coordinator. The charges for the domestic flight can be paid by you when you are in Ghana.
Health and Safety
We recommend you to consult your physician or travel doctor before traveling to Ghana. All travelers are required to carry an International Certificate of Vaccination (Yellow Card) to show proof of yellow fever immunization.

The recommended vaccinations for volunteers traveling to Ghana are as follows: 
Yellow Fever
Hepatitis A and B
Ghana is a safe and stable country with relatively low crime levels compared to other West African countries.
Tamalians love visitors and particularly volunteers. You’ll meet some of the friendliest people in Ghana and their culture is a fascinating blend of traditional and modern.

However, as in any country around the world, you need to take certain precautions for safety. You will be given safety precautions and instructions by your coordinator during the orientation.
Yes, for all volunteers it is mandatory to have a travel medical insurance. To provide the best option to our participants, we offer comprehensive insurance coverage in collaboration with a leading insurance provider.
Accommodation and Living
All volunteers need to arrive in Ghana on the mentioned start dates. Volunteers are picked up from the Kotoka International Airport in Accra (ACC) by the in-country coordinator or representative. 
In Accra, the accommodations are provided in a guesthouse or a hotel for a night and on the next day, volunteers take a flight to Tamale. Those who are arriving overland or are already in Ghana will be picked up at a meeting point decided beforehand.

After taking the short flight from Accra, you will be picked up from Tamale airport and taken to your accommodation by our team. You will be given an orientation about the city, placement, safety guidelines and transportation by the in-country coordinator. Depending on your time of arrival, you will be given a tour of the town and nearby amenities on the same day or the next day when you start your project.
Your country coordinator will take you to your placement and introduce you to everyone after giving you a basic orientation about the program/city/culture etc. You will be given the directions to the project from your accommodation and will also be briefed on the mode of transport.
In Tamale, you are provided accommodation in a Ghanaian host family. Accommodation is either provided in an individual or shared room along with other volunteers. By staying with a host family, you will get a chance to experience the local Ghanaian culture, language, customs, and traditions. All accommodations have water and electricity. 

You will be provided breakfast and dinner at the homestay. Breakfast usually comprises of Tea, Coffee, Bread, Jam, Butter, Eggs or Fruit. Dinner usually comprises of Rice, Bean Stew, Fufu (Ghanaian dish made of Cassava and Plantain), chicken, vegetables and yam chips. These can vary on a daily basis.
Yes –  please do ensure that you inform the local team about your food preference and they can help ensure you are able to order the best food! Also, please do mention your specific food preference in the application form as well. 
Volunteers typically work for 5-6 hours in a day, for 5 days a week. However, depending on the workload every day, working hours can vary. Evenings are free for the volunteers and volunteers usually get together and go out for social gatherings, eat out or watch football games in Tamale stadium. 
Weekends are free for the volunteers to explore the city. You can go for short weekend trips to Mole National Park, Monkey Sanctuary or Kintampo Falls. 

We encourage our volunteers to travel. We have designed various weekend tours which can be booked under the Add-on Tours section in your ‘My Account’. You in-country coordinator will also help you book and organize the tours once you are in the country. 
Your program fee covers your accommodation, airport pick-up, orientation, pre-departure booklet and 24x7 in country staff support. You will need to cover your personal expenses, such as traveling, telephone, the internet, shopping, sightseeing, return airport drop, weekend tours etc. You should carry around $50 - $60 per week for your basic personal expenses, such as water, local transport, phone etc.
On arrival in Accra, you can change your currency to Ghanaian Cedis (GHS) at the airport. There are many currency exchange counters at the airport. Also, there are ATMs available throughout the city. Mostly Visa and MasterCard are only accepted in some parts of Ghana.  
Connect with Past Volunteers
We encourage volunteers to get in touch with former Volunteering Solutions participants and also other program participants joining our projects. You are recommended to join the Volunteering Solutions Facebook Page or Facebook Group and connect with other participants and our team.

To read alumni interviews from past participants, visit ?the Meet a Volunteer section on our website.

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