Charity Trips Abroad

Charity Trips Abroad

We have grown up listening to the saying - "Charity begins at home", but now it's time to look beyond this. Volunteering Solutions offers amazing Charity Trips Abroad for all who are keen to travel across the world and work for underprivileged communities. Setting out for charity work abroad will not only enable you to develop a larger world view, but it'll also help you understand the various problems faced by people in different countries and give you a chance to immerse yourself in the local culture and lifestyle, which will be incredibly different from that of yours!

Volunteering Solutions offers highly affordable programs and has been hosting international volunteers for more than 17 years. We're honored to be the top pick for individuals and groups interested in charity trips abroad, that are available across AsiaAfricaSouth AmericaEurope, and Australia. The Charity Programs are available throughout the year and you can choose the time and duration as per your convenience.

Best Charity Trip Opportunities Abroad

Which program can I choose during a charity trip abroad?

No matter whether you are a student looking for a work experience abroad, or a couple willing to do something different during your next vacation abroad - opting for a charity trip will surely turn out to be an amazing journey. 

If you wish to volunteer abroad, you can choose from the following programs and travel abroad for a charity trip:
- Medical Mission Trips (only for pre-med, medical, nursing, and dental students as well as healthcare professionals)
- Teaching Programs
- Childcare Volunteering Programs
- Community Development Programs
- Women Empowerment Programs
- Wildlife and Environmental Conservation Programs
- Disabled Care Programs

If you have a time crunch, you can also join the specially curated Short-Term Travel and Volunteer Programs, which will give you the chance to work for 2 weeks in your preferred destination, while exploring.

What are the requirements to join the charity trips abroad?

  • You must be at least 17 years old when joining the project.
  • You should have an open mind and a flexible attitude towards working in a new environment.
  • You need to be proactive, and enthusiastic to work with a bunch of peers, from different parts of the world.
  • You must submit a clean criminal background check report before joining the program.

What are the highlights of a charity trip abroad?

As a part of the charity trips with Volunteering Solutions, you'll be:

  • Making a positive impact on communities in need
  • Gaining a deeper understanding of different cultures and perspectives, while exploring the destination
  • Fostering personal growth and empathy as well as developing new skills such as teamwork, communication, and problem-solving
  • Making friends from different parts of the world, and working with them to make a difference
  • Promoting a sense of fulfillment and inspiring others to follow your footsteps

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