Community Development Programs

Volunteer for Community Development Programs across several countries such as South Africa, Spain, Portugal, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, The Philippines, Uganda, Ghana, Morocco & Thailand. 
Get the opportunity to take part in educational programs for children, take up renovation and building work, work with local NGOs in areas of gender empowerment, microfinance, and organize awareness drives. 

The best part about the community development programs is that volunteers can take up several different kinds of tasks in one project - teach an English class, help out in a childcare center, take art and painting sessions for students, help with renovation of a school building, be a part of a disease awareness campaign, assist in administrative tasks amongst other such activities. 

Responsibilities at the project include: 

  • Working on teaching and childcare in the local region 
  • Taking part and conducting community art and painting sessions 
  • Working with the local community on areas of animal rearing and farming 
  • Taking up construction and renovation work 
  • Working with local NGOs and increasing civic engagement

Community Development Volunteer Abroad Project

1 Week Special Volunteer Program in Nepal

Nepal - 1 Week Special

Be a part of the 1 Week Special Short Term Volunteer Program in Kathmandu, Nepal, with Volunteering Solutions and contribute effectively towards...

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Art & Culture Volunteering Program in Argentina

Art & Culture Program

If you are an art lover, then you can opt to be a part of the Art and Culture Program in Argentina. Gain experiences worth a lifetime and make a...

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Arts Center Volunteering program

Arts Center Volunteering

Being a part of this project, you'll be working at the Arts Center that offers opportunities for children, adults, and young adults to engage in...

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Charity Shop Volunteering Program in Ireland

Charity Shop Volunteering

Volunteering Solutions, in association with one of the biggest voluntary charitable organization in Ireland, has curated this amazing opportunity...

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Childcare & Social Welfare Volunteer in South Africa

Childcare & Social Welfare Program

Join childcare volunteer work in South Africa, work for the welfare of the local community and underprivileged children in the country. The...

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Childcare in Social Welfare Program Spain

Childcare in Social Welfare Program

The social project in downtown Valencia is designed to assist children from disadvantaged backgrounds, tutoring them in after school programs in a...

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Construction & Renovation Volunteering in Portugal

Construction & Renovation

Volunteering Solutions aims to provide you a wide variety of volunteer programs that focus on immersing into the culture of another country and...

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Elephant and Community Volunteer Project

Elephant & Community Project

Volunteers working in this program will work in Kegalle taking care of abandoned elephants as well as getting involved in other community projects...

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Food Waste Management Volunteer Program

Food Waste Management

Being a volunteer for the Food Waste Management Project would be a perfect choice for gap year travelers as well as college student groups, who...

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Manual Labour Volunteer Project in Brazil

Manual Labour Project

If you wish to get your hands dirty and do some hard work for ensuring a better life for the underprivileged people living in the favela, then you...

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NGO Support Program Phnom Penh - Cambodia

NGO Support Program

Volunteer at a local NGO in Cambodia to support the Cambodian civil society and community, verticals include Human Rights Support, Women...

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Public Health Nutrition Volunteer in Philippines

Public Health Nutrition Program

Volunteering Solutions’ Nutrition Public Health project aims to rectify and improve the malnourished condition of infants, especially born in the...

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Urban Gardening Volunteering Program in Brazil

Urban Gardening

Learn more about tropical urban gardening and help the local favela community in understanding the necessity of this. You'll also have to work in...

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Volunteer at a Community Soup Kitchen

Volunteer at a Community Soup Kitchen

Volunteering Solutions offers this amazing volunteering program which aims to serve food to approximately 50 persons on a daily basis. These...

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Volunteer Construction & Community Development Uganda

Construction & Community Development

Volunteers who enroll for this projects enjoy a wide variety of work opportunities. Depending on the time of the projects, volunteers will be...

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Volunteer NGO Support and Human Rights Morocco

Volunteer NGO Support

Under this program volunteers are placed with local NGO's working towards the upliftment of the society and the downtrodden. NGO's focus on many...

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Volunteer Projects in Ghana for Community Development

Community Development Project

Volunteers working in the Community Development Project work in village communities located 15-20 kms outside the city of Tamale. Our volunteers...

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