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The conditions of the people living in the slums and suburbs of Nairobi is very weak, which in turn leads to widespread diseases. The healthcare facilities are neither easily accessible for them nor of very good standards. The medical healthcare volunteering in Kenya, Nairobi is an effort to help improve healthcare situation and accessibility for underprivileged people. Volunteers in this program work in medical clinics, dispensaries and hospitals in and around the city of Nairobi. This program is particularly suited for medical students looking for volunteer opportunities abroad for doing ‘hands on’ clinical work. Volunteers work for around 5-6 hrs in a day for 5 days in a week. Volunteers schedule is flexible and can vary depending on the needs of the placement.

Volunteer tasks under the Medical Volunteer Program in Kenya

Volunteer tasks vary and depend on the level of experience, qualifications,medical training etc.
  • Pre Medical students assist the local doctors and staff in doing basic tasks such as checking weight and temperature of the patients, cleaning wounds and also doing administrative tasks in the placement.
  • Medical students generally help in checking blood pressure, suturing wounds, doing rounds with patients and  work in areas of maternal health, surgery, laboratories, counseling and testing etc.

Medical and Healthcare Program Volunteers Schedule

Volunteering Solutions provide accommodation in Nairobi at a volunteer house. The schedule for the volunteers remains as follows :-
  • Sunday - Arrival at the program destination
  • Monday - Orientation. Orientation session will be conducted by the local coordinator, covering topic areas; such as safety, culture, language, places to visit, behaviour, food, and other suggestion over things to do in Kenya.
  • Tuesday to Fri - Volunteer work
    • Breakfast - 07:30 am onwards (provided at the accommodation)
    • Leave for the project - 08:00 am
    • Working hours at the placement - 09:00 to 04:00 pm
    • Lunch - 01:00 pm to 02:00 pm (volunteers need to manage lunch on their own)
    • Dinner - 07:30 pm  onwards (provided at the accommodation)

?The same volunteer work schedule continues from the second week onwards
Weekends - Free to explore the city, and do activities such as;
  • Visit the elephant orphanage, giraffe centre, mamba village
  • Visit the local markets and buy souvenirs
  • Go for a safari
  • For those inclined to travel further away fro fun activities, one can go biking to Hells Gate National Park in Naivasha (1.5 hours from the accommodation), climb Mt. Longonot (1.5 hours from the accommodation), or visit Thompson Falls (3 hours from the accommodation).
  • One could also go to Mombasa and experience sandy beaches
  • Go hiking on Mt. Kenya
Note: Please note, the schedule may vary depending on the particular project the volunteer is participating on.

Kenya Program Booking
Volunteers can begin their program on the start dates mentioned below. Volunteers need to book their flights to arrive on the dates below.
Volunteering Solutions Kenya Reviews
Nairobi, Kenya
Alina Sophia Sowa

An amazing experience was the safari in the Massai Mara and my trip to the Hell's Gate National Park. I would recommend every future volunteer to go there. .

Nairobi, Kenya

Learning some Swahili, getting deep into Kenya with people, using transport, eating and living like locals is the highlight of my trip.

Nairobi, Kenya
Lydia Loxton
(United Kingdom)

I was working in an orphanage in Nairobi with Volunteering Solutions. It was an incredible experience and you are made to feel incredibly welcome by the staff. .

Nairobi, Kenya
Amanda Rose
(United States)

I think one of the best parts was just meeting so many people from all over the world, but I of course loved working with the children also, as well as going on Safari. .

Nairobi, Kenya
Mitchell Standing
(United States)

I loved my placement. Most of time they had enough work for me to do, and when they didn't i started cleaning rooms. I kept busy, just had to get creative. .

Nairobi, Kenya
Sarin Djeghelian

The pre departure booklet was very beneficial. It included all the information that we actually needed to know. I enjoyed working at the orphanage. And I think all the orphanages have been picked correctly for volunteers to go work there since they are in need for us..

Nairobi, Kenya
Peggy Bedoyan

I was in Africa for two weeks and i keep wishing i had more time there. I met some amazing people, had the experience of a lifetime . I have memories that are so deeply engraved in me i truly believe i will never ever forget them ..

Nairobi, Kenya
Donna Gornert

My work in the orphanage was awesome!! I loved the children and the teachers were very nice too. My highlights were a very nice safari (I saw all the interesting animals) and an adventure trip to Mombasa (coast)..

Nairobi, Kenya
Divya Kulshreshtha
(United States)

I worked in Tigoni district hospital where I get to see several surgeries, give injections and give deliveries. I have conquered my fear of blood successfully while here.My favorite memory was the time we stayed up after dinner and had so much fun with other volu6nteers..

Nairobi, Kenya
Daniela Brunhuber

I loved my program placement and it was good to be around kids. Playing and talking with the children was the highlight of my trip. Kids enjoyed my presense and so did I..

Nairobi, Kenya
Marie Pier St-Laurent

The program placement fulfilled my expectations. The kids were great and filled with life. Meeting all the great African people was a great experience and the safari was also one of my highlight..

Nairobi, Kenya
Amanda Radisic
(United States)

I really enjoyed my stay here in Nairobi and in orphanage. I felt safe and as a part of the group. The highlight was everyday I spent with kids, my room mates and the people on street. Our trips to safari. Everything was pretty fine. .

Nairobi, Kenya
Jack Massee
(United States)

I enjoyed working at the hospital placement very much. I was very engaged in the activities and it was educational as well. I wish that I could stay longer. The highlight for me was the entire Kenya experience. .

Nairobi, Kenya
Saskia Nagel

I loved my placement and I enjoyed my time working with kids. they were the highlight from my volunteering trip to Kenya. .

Nairobi, Kenya
Puneet Kalkat

I very much enjoyed working at my placement. Staff at the placement was very helpful and taught a lot of stuff. The placement provided with lots of hands on experience. Pre departure was extremely helpful. It provided with all the necessary information required for the program..

Nairobi, Kenya
Janice Kurth

The project was really interesting. It was a good experience to teach the children and help out with sorting beans and washing shoes etc. The highlight was helping out the children and our trip to Mt. Longonot and Naivasha. .

Nairobi, Kenya
Lisa von Stebut

The pre departure booklet was good and informative. I really really love my program placement as well. The highlight of my volunteering experience was the kids. On flower day - all children put flowers on their heads which was very nice too..

Nairobi, Kenya
Anette Konig

I very much enjoyed working at my placement. It was much fun and everybody was very nice. The highlight of my volunteering experience is the wonderful kids and the trips over the weekends..

Nairobi, Kenya
Nicole Hoffman

The work in the hospital was interesting in that I could see the differences in the health care systems between Kenya and Canada. The staff were very welcoming. ​It was an amazing experience, and I am planning on another experience for next year, with two more coworkers who want to join me..

Nairobi, Kenya
Jose Manuel Pont Sarmiento

I enjoyed working at the project and placement where I had the possibility to work. My experience was very good, I would repeat it if I have the possibility to do it..

Kenya Program Cost
Volunteering Solutions strives hard to keep costs low and offers one of the most affordable volunteer abroad programs. Compare our prices and services to other organizations and you would be surprised to see the difference. 
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5 weeks$690£587$966€670
6 weeks$790£672$1,106€767
7 weeks$890£757$1,246€864
8 weeks$990£842$1,386€961
Extra week$110£94$154€107
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