Responsible Volunteer Travel Policy

Responsible Volunteer Travel Policy

Responsible Volunteer Travel PolicyEstablished in 2006, Volunteering Solutions has come a long way, with more than 11,000 volunteers contributing over 72, 000 hours to 126 diverse projects all across the world.

VolSol believes in ethical volunteering and provides all necessary support to volunteers who contribute directly towards sustainable development of the concerned host communities.

As a volunteer travel organization, VolSol abides by the rules of responsible travel policies and ensures that all the volunteers have authentic documents to support their statements and are eligible for being a part of their chosen program. A detailed verification is done from both ends before confirming the placement to any interested volunteer.

Volunteering Solutions aims to:

  • Care for the environment, protect and preserve nature by all means
  • Support the host community by engaging with them in the most effective manner
  • Make a difference to other people’s lives so that they can be less dependent on others
  • Provide better medical and healthcare facilities as well as education to host communities
  • Create a wider network of volunteer travelers from all across the world
  • Ensure the conservation and wellbeing of the wildlife
  • Spread more love and affection across boundaries

All staff members as well as volunteers associated with the organization believe in these, and therefore, VolSol has  strengthened itself over the years, creating a much larger impact on the society.

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