Meet Francis A., Volunteer in Ghana

Meet Francis A., Volunteer in Ghana

Why did you choose to volunteer at all?

Volunteering was a way for me to travel and get the full experience of a culture different from my own. It allowed me to do something I already enjoy, promote education and teach in a community that lacks the resources to sustain a basic educational structure.What was the reason behind choosing Ghana as your volunteering destination?
They say Ghana is the gateway to Africa. That's because so many of Ghana's peoples and languages are found elsewhere on the continent. As one of the more stable countries, Ghana is the ideal place to start on a lifelong journey of exploration.

Was your volunteering journey enriching? Do you think you have made an impact on the lives of the children? Have this experienced changed you?

This was definitely an enriching experience. I think although we were there for only a short period of time, we were able to talk and share ideas about education and its relevance to the village we were in. If anything, I believe the kids will remember us as I know I will remember them, and hopefully we were able to express the importance we attach to knowledge and education through our presence and our interactions with them.

How did you come to know about Volunteering Solutions?

A quick Google search for organisations who offered the best combination of price, support, destinations and flexibility.

Would you recommend this organization to others?


Would you like to come back and do another volunteer work? Would you choose Ghana or any other destination?

I would, and I would most likely take that opportunity to explore the rest of Africa and the world.

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