Volunteer Teacher Assistant in Kindergartens Cusco, Peru

Trip Highlights

  • Volunteer work at local schools to provide teaching assistance to the in-house faculty and help provide proper education to the underprivileged children
  • Work in rural kindergartens and assist as a “Promoter” to enable better learning and assist the local teachers 
  • A rewarding opportunity for people who are good with kids and enjoy interactive teaching 
  • As a teaching assistant, one needs a lot of patience High level of focus and dedication is also required while dealing with the kids


Rural kindergartens seek the comprehensive development of children through activities of cognitive, motor, affective and social skills. The rural Kindergartens often are run by mothers of the community (called "entertainers" or "promoters"). These “teachers” receive training and then are monitored regularly (ideally once a week) for lecturer (called "teacher coordinators"). In addition, rural kindergartens are formed on the basis of community participation. Hence, they are hugely different from the other urban kindergartens that you must have known throughout your life.

Volunteers play the role of helping the “entertainers" or "promoters" to achieve the goals of the month. Usually, there are up to 42 kids under 1 entertainer or promoter.

Basic Information about the Program is as follows:

  • The children are aged between 3 to 5 years.
  • There are approximately 30-40 kids in one classroom.
  • Some centers are basic; they have old mini tables and chairs, educational games and teaching materials. 
  • The Kindergartens are located mostly in underprivileged areas.
  • Kids are learning spelling and basic directions in order to be prepared for elementary schools.

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