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As a developing country Costa Rica still needs the help of professional volunteers in the health area, but it is strictly focused on professional volunteers in long term projects. However, some small private and semi private clinics and pharmacies accept volunteers to work with them in “Health Campaigns” that help to detect and prevent illnesses in the communities surrounding them. The EBAIS system in Costa Rica is a preventive medical program in which the patients are coming to have a periodical evaluation. They take care of minor emergencies and inform and control the patient about the most common diseases and give them advises how they can feel better. 

Under the program nurses, doctors and 3rd and 4th year medical students can work in local community and semi private hospitals and clinics around Heredia and San Jose. You would work 4-6 hours 5 days a week assisting local doctors and nurses. Work is given in accordance to the experience and knowledge of the volunteer.

General tasks would include:
  • Shadowing the nurse.
  • Take basic signs like blood pressure, temperature, weight, etc.
  • Going with the staff to different campaigns at the community.
  • Take basic signs like blood pressure, temperature, weight, etc
  • Go with the ATAP nurse to visit houses in the poorest area of the community to perform checkups.
  • Helping in office tasks 
This is a great program to help and to gain valuable experience and knowledge on how the medical system works in Costa Rica.
Costa Rica Program Booking
Volunteers need to book their flights to arrive on below mentioned dates.
Volunteering Solutions Costa Rica Reviews
San Jose, Costa Rica
Jasjap Singh

My friends and I had a blast working at our placement! Everyone was friendly and welcoming! Also, had a great time assisting patients and working with staff. .

San Jose, Costa Rica
Leonie Cabot

I loved my project and it was definitely worth it! I'm really missing it now and I don't think it could have been better. I think one of the best moments was in my first project .

San Jose, Costa Rica
Benjamin Circus
(United States)

My experience was eye-opening and the ladies who ran the daycare center definitely appreciated all of the help they could get. .

San Jose, Costa Rica
Kerstin Hanselmann

The project was really awesome. he highlight of my whole experience was seeing how happy the children were at that place..

San Jose, Costa Rica
Julia Potapoff
(United States)

The "My Account" tab helped keep all the information about my program extremely well organized and helped me keep track of everything. The staff at VS returned emails that I had sent with questions within 24 hours..

San Jose, Costa Rica
Melanie Lynn
(United States)

I really liked working at my placement. I wish I knew more Spanish but it was still great! I loved working with the kids. Staying with the host family was the highlight for me as they were very kind and welcoming. Accommodations location was amazing..

San Jose, Costa Rica
Jeannie Hare and Group

We thoroughly enjoyed our program placement. Had a wonderful time in San Jose. Thanks to VS..

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6 weeks$1,400£1,190$1,960€1,358
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8 weeks$1,725£1,467$2,415€1,674
Extra week$200£170$280€194
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