Healthcare & Medical Volunteering in Costa Rica

Trip Highlights

  • Volunteer for Medical Projects in Costa Rica and understand the healthcare system of a developing country
  • Work includes taking part in Health campaigns, working for EBAIS (EBAIS is short for Equipos Básicos de Atención Integral en Salud. In English, it means “Basic Teams of Global Health Care”
  • Ideal for medical/nursing professionals, medical/nursing students looking for practical exposure into Costa Rica’s healthcare system 
  • Work is given in accordance to the experience and knowledge of the volunteer
  • Weekends are free to travel around and exploring the country 


Be a part of Medical Volunteering Project in Costa Rica to understand the healthcare system of a developing country that needs the help of professional volunteers in long term projects. However, some small private and semi-private clinics and pharmacies accept volunteers to work with them in “Health Campaigns” that help to detect and prevent illnesses in the communities surrounding them.

The EBAIS system in Costa Rica is a preventive Medical program in which the patients are coming to have a periodical evaluation. They take care of minor emergencies and inform and control the patient about the most common diseases and give them advises how they can feel better.

Under the program nurses, doctors and 3rd and 4th-year medical students can work in local community and semi-private hospitals and clinics around Heredia and San Jose. You would work 4-6 hours 5 days a week assisting local doctors and nurses. Work is given in accordance with the experience and knowledge of the volunteer.

General tasks would include:

  • Shadowing the nurse.
  • Take basic signs like blood pressure, temperature, weight, etc.
  • Going with the staff to different campaigns at the community.
  • Go with the ATAP nurse to visit houses in the poorest area of the community to perform checkups.
  • Helping in office tasks 

This is a great program to help and to gain valuable experience and knowledge on how the medical system works in Costa Rica.


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