Volunteer in Costa Rica

Volunteer in Costa Rica with Volunteering Solutions to get affordable volunteering experience in life. VolSol has four major volunteering programs in Costa Rica and all in San Jose.

VolSol has volunteer work opportunities to work at the wildlife and rescue center for animals, at the childcare centres and teaching English to the students and Turtle conservation.

The Childcare and Teaching projects are located in San Jose and the suburbs, while the Turtle Conservation project is located in the Pacific coast areas.

Maximum of our volunteers for this location are High School students, followed by teenagers, young adults and families. 

For our summer volunteer travelers - Costa Rica attracts more than a million tourists every year with its beautiful beaches, wildlife, forests and mainly for Eco tourism. More than a quarter of land mass has been set aside as protected reserves, the largest in the world. There are many famous National Parks and Forest Reserves throughout Costa Rica.

Our Volunteer placements are located in Heredia , Santa Barbara and Alajuela areas, which are located a short distance away from the capital , San Jose. Heredia is located around 10 kms north of San Jose and is one of the most beautiful provinces in Costa Rica.

Known for its verdant coffee plantation covered hills and volcanic national parks , this mountainous region also has dense tropical forests, stunning waterfalls and roaring rivers that make it the ideal destination. Check the things you can do in Costa Rica in your leisure time. 

Affordable Volunteer Programs in Costa Rica

  • Childcare
    Childcare Volunteer Program San Jose - Costa Rica

    Childcare Volunteer Program

    Volunteers in the Childcare Program work in child care centers, orphanages,community child care centers, community soup kitchens and day care centers` in an around....

  • Medical Volunteering
    Medical Healthcare Volunteering San Jose - Costa Rica

    Medical Healthcare Volunteering

    As a developing country Costa Rica still needs the help of professional volunteers in the health area, but it is strictly focused on professional volunteers in long term.

  • Language - Orientation Week
    Spanish Immersion Week Costa Rica

    Spanish Immersion Week

    Joining the Spanish Language and Immersion week is a great start to your time in Costa Rica. The week gives you a crash course in Spanish which would help you in your....

  • Teaching
    Teaching English Program San Jose - Costa Rica

    Teaching English Program

    Volunteers in the Teaching English Program teach English to primary and middle school students in schools , community centers as well as orphanages. Learning English i...

  • Wildlife and Conservation
    Turtle Conservation Program Costa Rica

    Turtle Conservation Program

    Volunteers in this program work in beaches along the Pacific Coast as well as the Caribbean coast. As a volunteer, you will work on projects intended to protect turtle...

  • Wildlife and Conservation
    Wildlife & Rescue Center Volunteering Costa Rica

    Wildlife & Rescue Center Volunteering

    Costa Rica is home to a rich variety of plants and animals. Even though the country has only about 0.25% of the world's landmass it contains 5% of the world's bio.....