Volunteer in South Africa - Cape Town

Volunteer in South Africa - Cape Town With Volunteering Solutions (VolSol), affordable and verified volunteer abroad organization. VolSol has volunteer projects in South Africa for all ages, all year in Childcare, Teaching, Medicine, Wildlife, Sports Development and more.

Ranking amongst one of the must visit destinations of the world, South Africa is as enticing in the work it offers as it is in its scenic beauty. International volunteers coming through VolSol get a chance to volunteer in a Surf project with disadvantaged children in Cape Town.

For our weekend travelers, looking for an extra adventure, we have some options for weekend like taking safaris and visiting some fantastic beaches in the world.

Affordable Volunteer Programs in South Africa

  • 2 Weeks Special
    2 Week Special Volunteer & Travel - Cape Town

    2 Weeks Special Program

    2 week Special program in South Africa with Volunteering Solutions, volunteer in amazing Cape Town and go around the peninsula and Table mountain on the weekend!

  • Childcare
    Childcare & Social Welfare Program Cape Town - South Africa

    Childcare & Social Welfare Program

    Volunteers working in the childcare - social welfare project work in childcare centers, orphanages, safe houses for women and children or in a home for physically and m..

  • Medical Volunteering
    Healthcare Program Cape Town - South Africa

    Healthcare Program

    Volunteers working in the HealthCare Project in South Africa work in healthcare clinics and centers located in Cape Town as well as suburban community areas...

  • Summer Volunteer Abroad
    Summer Volunteer South Africa 2016

    South Africa Summer Program 2016

    Spend your summer visiting amazing Cape Town – South Africa. VolSol brings you a great summer program for 2016, to volunteer and explore the beauty of the Cape Town. You would get a chance to be with a group of like minded young travelers coming from all over the world...

  • Sports Coaching
    Sports Development Program Cape Town - South Africa

    Sports Development Program

    The Sports Development Program aims to give sports training as well as life skills such as team work and endurance to students and youth from schools in the suburban and.

  • Sports Coaching
    Surf Program - Disadvantaged Children, Cape Town - South Africa

    Surf Program - Disadvantaged Children

    Volunteers working in the Surfing project work in a Surf adventure club for children from disadvantaged backgrounds. The main aim of the the club is to bring underprivi..

  • Teaching
    Teaching Program Cape Town - South Africa

    Teaching Program

    South Africa is an unbelievably diverse country and this is also reflected in the the school placements where our volunteers work. We place volunteers in primary and....

South Africa Volunteer Videos

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