Volunteer Abroad Programs 2015 - 2016

Vrijwilligerswerk Travel Abroad is een een van een soort gelegenheid om te reizen met een doel en een verschil maken. Vrijwilligerswerk in het buitenland wordt geherdefinieerd op VolSol als je een geweldige kans om het buitenland te reizen, te doen wat kwaliteit vrijwilligerswerk, verken een nieuw land, kennis te maken met een nieuwe cultuur en nieuwe vrienden maken. Kies uit onze op maat gemaakte internationale vrijwilligersprogramma's en de beste kansen en professionele vrijwilligerswerk in het buitenland ervaring op een zeer betaalbare prijs.Onze programma's zijn onder andere Onderwijs Engels, Weeshuis projecten in het buitenland, het wild behoud, empowerment van vrouwen en de zomer vrijwilligersprojecten.

We hebben vrijwilligerswerk in het buitenland programma's voor gezinnen , college groepen, middelbare scholieren, werkende professionals evenals medische en gezondheidszorg stagiaires.
Vrijwilligerswerk Solutions is momenteel het aanvaarden van aanvragen voor vrijwilligerswerk in het buitenland programma's in 2015 en 2016. Nu solliciteren .
Vrijwilligerswerk in het buitenland programma's

Vrijwilliger Project Locaties

Program Destinations MapCambodia Beijing, China Shanghai, China Delhi, India Palampur, India Nepal Philippines Singapore Sri Lanka Chiang Mai, Thailand Koh Samui, Thailand Surin, Thailand Vietnam Ghana Kenya Morocco Tanzania Costa Rica Guatemala Hoduras Cusco Spain Israel Cape Town, South Africa Port Elizabeth, South Africa Bangkok, Thailand Zanzibar, Tanzania Quito, Ecuador Australia

Why Do People Volunteer Abroad?

There are plethora of  reasons behind Volunteering Abroad gaining such momentum amongst people coming from different backgrounds and age groups. Volunteering Abroad lets you travel and in a very fresh and different way. Not only does one get to see a new country but also gets to explore a new culture, understand an unfamiliar land and makes sure that traveling thousands of miles becomes a truly worthwhile experience.

Volunteer Travel gives one the opportunity to contribute and give back to the society. Volunteering isn’t simple monetary charity but the volunteers are giving their time, energy and skills to their project and this is what makes volunteering abroad all the more meaningful.Volunteering abroad has also received its fair share of criticism since a lot of people think that no significant contribution can be made in the short span of the project but this is an imprudent conclusion. Even short-term projects let the local NGOs and other volunteering recipients get their necessary support, which goes a long way.  Little drops of water make the mighty ocean and the same way educating even one child or training even one local trainer has a far reaching impact which ultimately contributes to the overall development of the volunteering recipients.

Personal Individual Development

Volunteering Abroad lets you gain as you give. It gives you an overwhelming amount of exposure and also lets you grow as a person. Away from the luxuries and comfort of your home, you will meet new challenges and difficulties everyday. From planning your day in advance to designing appropriate projects and working hard towards their implementation, spending quality time with people from different cultural, social and financial backgrounds and most importantly trying leave an effective impact on the lives of people whom you are volunteering for will not only hone your professional skills but also develop your interpersonal and life skills.

Make Friends For Life

Volunteering abroad is a great opportunity to meet like minded people from different countries and develop lifelong friendships. Be it teaching the kids together or working on a child care program, volunteering together is a great foundation for a friendship. Our project locations always has volunteers from across the globe in abundance and you are sure to find someone who interests you. For our summer programs, we have 30-40 volunteers joining us every month and thus assuring you of a fun time while your volunteering abroad stint is on.

Volunteer Travel Abroad Is A Great Addition To Your Resume

To action alone hast thou a right and never at all to its fruits; let not the fruits of action be thy motive; neither let there be in thee any attachment to inaction.
- Verse 47, Chapter 2-Samkhya theory and Yoga practise, The Bhagavadgita

To follow the above stated mantra is what we recommend when you think of Volunteering Abroad with us. Although the sole motive of joining a Volunteer Abroad Program shouldn’t be value addition to one’s resume yet it cannot be denied that it is indeed one very valuable addition to a volunteer’s resume. Come join our Volunteer Abroad Project, do something good, make some impact and be rest assured about those valuable university credits.

Volunteering Overseas For Under 18s

Are you under 18 and looking for the right project to begin your Volunteering Abroad stint with ? Then you have come to the right place. We at Volunteering Solutions have programs specially designed  for people under 18 years of age.These programs are monitored by our staff and it is made sure that the project and the project location is safe and provides the young volunteers with the best volunteering project, abroad. It is a great opportunity for the soon to be adults to gain some invaluable life experiences for a brighter future, ahead.

Volunteering Overseas As A Family

A family vacation cannot get better than this. Family volunteering is a great way to strengthen familial bonds and teach your kids the necessary values of kindness and helpfulness. It is the perfect way to nurture your kids, explore a new culture, do something valuable for the needy and also get to spend quality time with your near and dear ones. We at Volunteering Solutions make sure that you and your family get to stay and work together at your desired project location. The kids coming along with the parents should be at least four year of age to be able to join the Volunteering Abroad Project.
You can volunteer abroad in the following destinations as a family:
India, Nepal, Thailand, Ghana, Peru, China, Tanzania, South Africa, Costa Rica, Honduras

Which Volunteer Projects Are Suitable For Families?

We recommend families to take part in the childcare and teaching programs. You can teach English, play with the kids, share valuable life lessons, work at an orphanage or work with street children to improve the quality of their lives. The child care programs would also allow your children to interact with local children and develop a sense of understanding and friendship. We can also customise the programs according to your families’ choice. You can drop us an email at info [at] volunteeringsolutions.com for more details.

Why “Pay To Volunteer” Abroad ?

First and foremost, it is important to know that you are not paying to volunteer but for the necessary arrangements required for a hassle-free volunteering experience. There is a lot of planning and work that goes into designing a volunteer program and it costs money to arrange quality and safe accommodations, clean and hygienic food, the right volunteering placement and collaboration with the local NGOs. The money coming from the volunteers also goes in the upkeep of the project location and the recipients, too. You can choose to organise your own volunteer abroad program, but there would be no guarantee of a proper placement, no pre departure support, no on location guidance and you could end up wasting all your hard work and money on flights and a project that doesn’t take your contribution in account. The VolSol Placements make sure that your work benefits the recipients of Volunteering and you get a safe and fulfilling volunteering experience.

Volunteering Overseas Through Volunteering Solutions

We recommend you to leave the hassle of planning your volunteering abroad trip to us. Our affordable costs would make sure that you do not end up paying for something which is not needed. You will join a well researched program abroad. With us,  you are paying for our expertise to send over 1500 volunteers abroad every year. We would prepare you for your trip well in advance, with a comprehensive Pre Departure booklet. We would be a phone call away or available email to address all your volunteering woes. Once you are at your volunteering destination, our local program coordinators will pick you up from the airport and provide you with all necessary assistance for a hassle-free and memorable volunteering experience.  
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